Unlocking an Abandoned Semi & Towing It Away For CHP

  • Published on:  5/22/2019
  • In today's video Trent jr is called out by CHP to tow away a truck that has been abandoned. The owner of the truck was contacted and e said he doesn't want it anymore. Trent Jr has to unlock the vehicle using lockout tools to allow the CHP officer to get information off of the truck such as VIN. Enjoy!
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    A: When vehicles are not running the transmission is not receiving circulating lubricant. If the driveshaft is left installed, the transmission, which is not receiving lubricant, is still spinning. This allows it to get very hot which eventually will cause major damage to the transmission. Therefore, removing the driveshaft completely eliminates the transmission from spinning. Simply leaving it in neutral is not sufficient since the transmission still spins in neutral.