High School Musical 2 - Bet On It (Lyrics) 720HD

  • Published on:  2/14/2016
  • High School Musical 2 - Bet On It (Lyrics) 720HD


  • Jurnee
    Jurnee 7 months ago+4742

    Imagine looking out the window of the country club and seeing a guy dancing a dramatically shouting at the sky.

  • jamie weatherson
    jamie weatherson 3 months ago+980

    "Nah trust me Zac, It'll look great"

  • Oktawia
    Oktawia 10 months ago+5082

    You all are laughing at what he's doing but isn't it exactly what we all are doing when we're home alone

  • Anita Erikson
    Anita Erikson 5 months ago+1738

    HSM 1: Nostalgic
    HSM 3: Cinematic

  • L7Blue Fire
    L7Blue Fire 6 months ago+4207

    Friend: Can You Stop Being Dramatic?

  • Storyoftheeye
    Storyoftheeye 11 months ago+2766

    Lyrics are actually very relatable when youre 18 years old haha

  • Autumn Paige
    Autumn Paige 6 months ago+2514

    This is literally the Greenest Grass I've ever seen

  • Nightcore Subliminals
    Nightcore Subliminals 9 months ago+2407

    To-do list:
    1. Memorize lyrics
    2. Memorize choreo
    3. Get a really nice pair of earbuds so it sounds great in my head
    4. Find the nearest golf course

  • explosiveexcitement5
    explosiveexcitement5 11 months ago+1421

    He’s wearing full black in the dessert in the summer. How did he not pass out from heat stroke?

  • TiffKookie97
    TiffKookie97 9 months ago+1078

    I remember when I thought this was so cool but now ... I’m just questioning who allowed the choreography

  • B!a
    B!a 6 months ago+460

    Rare footage of Ted Bundy escaping prison circa. 1977

  • SailorSerenitySaturn
    SailorSerenitySaturn 6 months ago+288

    These are the kind of lyrics that you don’t understand at 9 years old but they become suddenly relevant once you listen to this again at 19 years old

  • Geo pum
    Geo pum 10 months ago+714

    Mom: stop being so dramatic.

  • Self Confidence
    Self Confidence 7 months ago+781

    Fun Fact:
    It took them 6days to film this!

  • Bambi Benzi
    Bambi Benzi 6 months ago+403

    He's littlerly orange

  • Lc 10
    Lc 10 9 months ago+551

    That sassy walk starting at 0:35 lmao this is so iconic who is here 2018

  • Musab Akmal
    Musab Akmal 4 months ago+210

    2007: This is my f***ing jam!
    2019: This is my f***ing jam!

  • Magda H.
    Magda H. a years ago+253

    1:44 He walks like: "Oh, I shouldn't hurt the grass"😂😂

  • Charlie Perry
    Charlie Perry 6 months ago+294

    This guy is now gonna be playing a murderer in a Hollywood film. Look how much our boy has grown.

  • wanssa
    wanssa 5 months ago+207