Stray Kids "MIROH" M/V



  • Kpop Lover
    Kpop Lover 4 months ago+2646

    Who love Stray Kids?
    Yes = Like
    No = Comment

  • Baekhyun Stan
    Baekhyun Stan 14 days ago+938

    Who loves Stray kids like

  • Nat Tjhai
    Nat Tjhai 14 days ago+735

    This deserves 100 million dude 😌 anyone still here streaming?

  • sad souls
    sad souls 14 days ago+801

    My daily routine:
    1) Listen to Miroh

  • Saidah Anda
    Saidah Anda 4 days ago+353

    Who love FELIX and his deep voice??

  • Ugne B
    Ugne B 4 months ago+4536

    0:53 - Felix
    1:08 - Bang Chan
    1:15 - Seungmin
    1:43 - Changbin
    1:45 - Hyunjin
    2:17 - I.N
    2:47 - Lee know
    3:03 - Han
    3:43 - Woojin
    Welcome to the family💕

  • Irina Venidi
    Irina Venidi 14 days ago+465

    i rly have to say it: 3 days ago i was at Stray Kids' concert in Moscow and i heard live MIROH. Uhh that's crazy how hype this song is

  • Lia ARMY
    Lia ARMY 14 days ago+340

    These boys deserve MORE ATTENTION. Definitely

  • stay with stray kids
    stay with stray kids 14 days ago+406

    miroh deserves a grammy and daesang.

  • 김태형
    김태형 6 days ago+85

    Miro +h
    Miro means maze in korean
    H means heaven or hell
    Maze = they new challenge
    They described their new challenge as entering the maze.
    H = It means that according to they efforts, it can be either hell or heaven.
    Sorry.... My English is terrible... i using translator...

  • Zero X Amasta
    Zero X Amasta 4 months ago+528


  • xJelena
    xJelena 7 days ago+44

    We gonna be getting some new people in here, since the boys went super hard at Lotte Duty Free concert.
    0:52 Felix - lead dancer, lead rapper, australian
    1:07 Bang Chan (Chris) - leader, lead vocal, lead dancer, rapper, producer, australian, one third of 3RACHA
    1:15 Seungmin - lead vocal
    1:47 Changbin - main rapper, producer, another third of 3RACHA
    2:16 I.N. (Jeongin) - vocal, maknae
    2:47 Lee Know (Minho) - main dancer, vocal, rapper, used to be BTS' background dancer
    2:55 Hyunjin - main dancer, lead rapper, visual
    3:03 Han (Jisung) - main rapper, lead vocal, producer, and another third of 3RACHA
    3:40 Woojin - main vocal, oldest
    SKZ debuted in 2018, has won the best new male artist award at MAMA 2018, and threw an iconic performance:
    They came from JYPE's survival show, Chan picked the members himself, and their music is self-produced by 3RACHA (Chan's, Changbin's and Han's predebut rap trio). They are very close with their JYP sunbaenims, Got7 and especially Twice.
    Fandom name is STAY, we are pretty nice and chill.
    You can find SKZ on SNS here:
    Check out their other songs too, despite being less than 2 years old, they have an astounding discography already~

  • Scooby The black lab
    Scooby The black lab 5 days ago+43

    Only took 2 seconds for me to become a Stay 😂

  • seungmintellectual kim
    seungmintellectual kim 7 days ago+153

    How many people are still stre*ming ?
    MIROH will never get old , man I'm still stre*ming it everyday.

  • anonymous ??
    anonymous ?? 6 days ago+177

    This song made me a STAY!! I want them to be more popular , so don't sleep on Stray Kids y'all :(

  • Whatever I comment comment the same

    I'm glad I was born in this generation so I can listen to this song

  • втѕ lσνєя
    втѕ lσνєя 14 days ago+63

    I’m 4 months late, but good thing I listened to this song 2-3 days ago. It’s stuck in my head help! Is this the side effects of Straykids? 👀💕

  • PA chibi
    PA chibi 14 days ago+34

    Stray Kids maybe become the best kpop group of all time!!!! #STAY

  • alt af
    alt af 7 days ago+25

    Stays let's raise all stray kids's views we can make miroh :70 millions
    My pace:100 millions
    Get cool:50 millions
    District 9: 50 millions
    Side effects:50 millions and all the other mv come on stays we can really do it and make stray kids fly away at the internationality stray kids deserve all the support from us :-)

  • Byùn Baékhyun
    Byùn Baékhyun 14 days ago+172

    I never heard their songs, this is the first mv I watch and I must say that this is a bop!