Tennis Umpires Considering Boycott on Serena Williams ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Tennis umpires are reportedly considering a boycott on Serena Williams’ matches.Tennis Drama News - Thanks to Our Guests & Friends:Steve Greene• YouTube:• Twitter:• Instagram:• Facebook: Limo• YouTube:• Facebook:• Twitter:• Instagram:• Hosted by Tiffany Del Real• Commentary by: Steve Greene, Nikki Limo, Joe Jo, Bart Kwan, Geo Antoinette• Edited by Patrick Parado: JKNews Articles Here: THE CREW:Main Cast~• Joe Jo:• Bart Kwan:• Geo Antoinette:• Tiffany Del Real: Manager~• Jessica Caldwell: Producer~• Julia Chow: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR OTHER CHANNELS • JUST KIDDING FILMS:• JUST KIDDING PARTY:• JOE'S CHANNEL:• BART & GEO'S CHANNEL:• BARBELL BRIGADE CHANNEL:• TIFF & CASE'S CHANNEL: FOLLOW AND LIKE US HERE:• INSTAGRAM:• FACEBOOK:• TWITTER:• MERCHANDISE:


  • Josh Arma 9 months ago

    Nope jk cast dropped the ball on this one. Creating assumptions and not viewing the whole situation and without considering everyone affected especially poor Naomi and neglecting to drop their bias with the beloved Serena. SMH

  • daisyshonae 9 months ago

    It just broke my heart when Naomi apologized for winning

  • daisyshonae 8 months ago

    DOUJIN TAMER Serena didn’t make her cry, those people in the stands did. Serena told them to stop booing and to celebrate Naomi’s win

  • prod.Ralph 9 months ago

    Why are you guys making up facts as you go. and yall dont even watch tennis smh

  • Huddo Champ 9 months ago

    Geo's the kind of person to watch one video about something and then instantly become an expert.

  • Huddo Champ 8 months ago

    @Legodog890 fuck off

  • Legodog890 8 months ago

    Everyone in the comment section is talking so much shit if you guys dont like them then leave we all know damn well they aren't real knew they even said so themselves

  • Kinpatu 65 9 months ago

    "she didn't really win though" - Geo 2018. No she did. It was not a win by disqualification, Osaka was outplaying her the entire game, could she have taken a set from Osaka? Maybe, but even before the penalty she was already losing. FOH with that "She didn't really win" shit. The call was bullshit, but do not dare take away from the accomplishment of this young athlete. That was mad disrespectful.

  • Danielle Kim 9 months ago

    Wtf? "It's not a real win"? Geo, you're 100% wrong on this. Naomi didn't win by disqualification at all. First of all, she absolutely killed Serena the entire game. Not to mention how she beat Serena at a different tournament earlier this year. Why else do you think Serena smashed her racket and caused a fit? Second, only ONE game, in one set, was taken from Serena. Naomi earned her win and that's a fact. Don't minimize Naomi's win and her accomplishment. The only crappy thing about the sit...

  • Who Needs Binary!? 8 months ago

    How could you say something so controversial, yet so true

  • liveli rah 8 months ago

    Tat girl geo is soo dumppp! Somebody please educate her. U cant judge the verdict by their emotion . Follow the order

  • cheaseeds 9 months ago

    I really love you guys JK but you guys got the story all wrong. Also, Naomi did win. She was killing Serena out there on the court. Not even close to disqualification.

  • JL 9 months ago

    Looool Geo blocked me on IG after telling her to read about the tennis match again and she got her information wrong

  • der vic 9 months ago

    Jkn is a sjw-shithole. Of course they're gonna side with the offended black feminazi.

  • Mik Cenon 9 months ago

    God you guys are wrong. They finished the game!!!! The final score was 6-2 6-4 wtf. Serena was getting dominated the whole match.

  • Dat_Simba_Crazy 9 months ago

    I've been watching tennis closely for over 5 years and I lost brain cells while listening to geo talk

  • Soho Beat NY 7 months ago

    Dat_Simba_Crazy me too

  • Dat_Simba_Crazy 9 months ago

    first it was geo's comments on how everyone recieves coaching so why should serena be penalized for having communicaiton with her. Second and worst of all both her and bart claimed that osaka didn't really win and serena got disqualified which is completly wrong. Serena was going to lose the match regardless she was being out played and also she only lost a game but the match did come to an end with osaka clearly beating her at the end.

  • ripper993 9 months ago

    serena wasn't disqualified tho, and Osaka has beaten serena already in a previous tournament without incident

  • SMARTART 9 months ago

    This is why I don't understand people saying she's a sore loser for being frustrated from losing a game due to penalties rather than from genuinely being out skilled.