Funny Pranks For Back to School Using School Supplies! Prank Wars!

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • Funny Pranks for Back to School 2018! These school pranks are the best pranks and funniest pranks that are sure to start a PRANK WAR!! Learn how to Prank Your Friends!! THUMBS UP FOR MORE SCHOOL VIDEOS!⊸S U B S C R I B E ⊸ S H O P M E R C H⊸ L A S T V I D E O PART 1: 11 PRANKS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL! NataliesOutlet 2: Funny Pranks For Back to School Using School Supplies! Natalies Outlet O L L O W N A T A L I E S O U T L E T⊸ Instagram⊸ Twitter BACK TO SCHOOL VIDEOS:Weird Back To School Supplies You Need To Try 2017! Natalies Outlet Back To School Hacks Every Student Should Know 2017! Natalies Outlet PRANKS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL! NataliesOutlet WEIRD School Hacks Every Student Should Know! NataliesOutlet MAKEUP PRANKS TO PULL ON GIRLS! PRANKS FOR SIBLINGS! Get your Sister + Brother! PARENT PRANKS! TOP 11 FOR FRIENDS & FAMILY! FUNNY PRANKS ON FRENEMIES! ft. Alisha Marie! MAGIC PRANKS! Get your FRIENDS & FAMILY! PRANKS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL! Inquiries ONLY: nataliesoutlet@gmail.comNot Sponsored.


  • Natalies Outlet
    Natalies Outlet  11 months ago+1898

    Welcome back to prank war PART 3! Who wants a BACK TO SCHOOL PRANK VIDEO PART 4 next? Comment "back to school pranks" if you want that!!! 💜

  • ema abd hamid
    ema abd hamid 11 months ago+933

    # team natalie
    Who choose
    Who choose team natalie
    1 like / 1 team natalie

  • Pig Fish
    Pig Fish 2 months ago+63

    # team Jupiter
    Hahaha that isn’t funny
    likes own comment

  • Emma Montebello
    Emma Montebello 2 months ago+19

    Dennis :something about a Red Pen... IDK!?
    every girl: PREACH 🙌

  • Angela Celis
    Angela Celis 1 months ago+10

    I agree Jupiter does a lot more work

  • Luella sands
    Luella sands 8 months ago +37

    I definitly choose #team Natalie!

  • Amy
    Amy 7 months ago+61

    # team datilie i love you both 😂 like if you agree

  • Leah Fantauzzi
    Leah Fantauzzi 6 months ago+12

    7:20 how do you play tic-tac-toe by yourself. Won’t you win every time???

  • Jenica Intalan
    Jenica Intalan 7 months ago+16

    Team Natalie like if you agree don't forget to comment

  • J slime
    J slime 7 months ago+7

    I not gonna be mean so #team Dennis and #team Natalie

  • Pet Lover
    Pet Lover 11 months ago+78

    👔 This is Bill. He is a baby and still goes to work. One like=One Day off from work❤ #BillShouldBeFree

  • wu liana
    wu liana 6 days ago

    can I please have I shoutout
    I love you natalies your such a inspiration

  • Lilian Mann
    Lilian Mann 6 months ago+2

    can you fOllOw my musically @ladybug_4ever686 ilysm

  • Maria Aguilar
    Maria Aguilar 7 months ago+3

    This is Aaralyn...She is 8yrs old

  • Anna Leviski
    Anna Leviski 5 months ago+3

    Omg I was dying while watching this!!!🤣

  • Anneka and colm janssen
    Anneka and colm janssen 11 months ago+161

    This is Molly
    She is 1 every like she gets one year older

  • Kristel Vlogs
    Kristel Vlogs 6 months ago+3

    Hi ate Natalie I love your pranks

  • Alexa Navarro
    Alexa Navarro 1 months ago+3

    Any office peeps (my favorite show ever)

  • Lucia Quintero
    Lucia Quintero 5 months ago+3

    #team Natalie 💝💝

  • Directioner ForLife
    Directioner ForLife 6 months ago+13

    8:05 was funny 🤣😂