Best Pop Music - Top Pop Hits Playlist Updated Weekly 2018 - The Best Songs Of Spotify 2018



  • Debby Wang
    Debby Wang 10 months ago+160

    1. Girls like you
    2. Back to you
    3. Meant to be
    4. Done for me
    5. Love me like you do
    6. Love yourself
    7. What lovers do
    8. Picking it up
    9. Call out my name
    10. Perfect
    11. Whatever it takes
    12. Friends
    13. (same as 10. perfect)
    14. Teenage dream
    15. Umbrella

  • Ronful Waffle
    Ronful Waffle 2 months ago+1

    Got an ad at WeSing singing Girls Like You then the first song was Girls Like You as well...

  • Ari Anugrah
    Ari Anugrah 7 months ago+81

    1. Girls like you
    2. Back to you
    3. Mean to me
    5. Love me like you do
    6. Love your self
    7. What lovers do

  • Athena's world
    Athena's world 10 months ago+5

    Tysm.. it helps a lot.. keep it up 💞

  • Florito Bentillo
    Florito Bentillo a years ago+101

    It would have been nice,then the cover singer of the first song starts talking.ruin af.

  • iimileyn
    iimileyn 7 months ago+11

    This relaxes me when I’m stressed...thank you!

  • ife odugbesan
    ife odugbesan 10 months ago+7

    They are all covers 😭😭😭please who knows a channel where I can get actual playlistS of the ACTUAL

  • Hadist Akbar
    Hadist Akbar 10 months ago+1

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    Thank You

  • chadi pro
    chadi pro 5 months ago+1

    best best best

  • Jisan 67
    Jisan 67 8 months ago

    o my god First one is best❤❤

  • Kalli McCutcheon
    Kalli McCutcheon 6 months ago

    the florida georgia cover hurts my ears

  • ranimeka
    ranimeka 9 months ago+1

    can you tell me who is the girl in the background?

  • แมวน้อย
    แมวน้อย 10 months ago+90

    pls someone list time of song><

    MEME MAN 2 months ago+1

    This is so goooood

  • Yusuf Yarlaqabov
    Yusuf Yarlaqabov 2 months ago

    only super thanks for this

    ZED NOBANE 4 months ago

    I liket thanks baybe

  • Mehdi SAOUCHA
    Mehdi SAOUCHA 5 days ago

    any idea who's cover is "love yourself" !?!

  • Naia Montpart Borrego
    Naia Montpart Borrego 3 months ago

    your voice is beautiful

  • MrMedic1313
    MrMedic1313 a years ago+69

    Please start putting the play list on the tube.

  • Jean Jay
    Jean Jay 7 months ago

    Nice music I'm relax😊