Dope Tech: The 4K OLED Wallpaper TV!

  • Published on:  5/1/2017
  • LG 4K OLED W: Possibly the most glorious wall-mounted TV of all time. A look into the future of television panels.LG 4K OLED W: played on the TV: Gear I use: provided by LG for video.


  • create 2 years ago

    The picture may be 4K, but the price is 8K, and my ability to buy it is 0K

  • Khan Dee Xiong 2 days ago

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  • Loop'n'Mix 2 years ago

    I'm selecting some of the funniest comments i see and yours will be on my next video !

  • MMCXII 1 years ago

    In 5 years it will be under $1000

  • David Dorante 14 days ago

    only 3 years left

  • dom 1 months ago

    Pranav Flame do you even understand inflation? The difference isn’t that extreme after only 5 years

  • Armando Aguilar Jr 2 years ago

    forget the tv, the natural lighting in your studio is amazing.

  • MEME GOD 4 months ago

    Armando Aguilar Jr it’s surprising how clean his studio is all these times

  • OnTheTop 2 years ago

    I am looking at a 4k tv being recorded on a 4k camera, and my 1080p monitor is freaking out

  • Ais Stein-San 7 months ago

    You should have a 1080p monitor unless your not using it for gaming 4k monitors are garbage right now

  • BMKHD 1 years ago

    OnTheTop it’s recorded in 8K not in 4K

  • watch in 144p for the best experience

  • chilliman07 2 months ago

    I really am! On my phone cos gotta be careful with data usage!

  • Victor Liu 8 months ago


  • TheDark Knut 2 years ago

    Haha.. this TV cant beat my wallet in terms of thinness though! 😁😂

  • ricky v 2 months ago

    Time to fatten it up!

  • Kremdela 6 months ago

    After you buy this TV yes

  • Mykyta Jex 1 years ago

    black walls + TV =double dope

  • Rithvik Cheruvu 1 years ago

    With a black cable, dopeness over 9000

  • Effs Pablo 1 years ago

    Not thin enough!! THINNER!!!!

  • @Chillary Clinton umm..eggplant?🤣🤣

  • jeesoo kim 8 months ago

    you not steve job

  • Nikhil Jacob 1 years ago

    So sad that the Tv fell and broke RIP WALLPAPER tv 2K17-2K18

  • Light Saber 1 years ago

    Why don't you just drill a hole in the wall and put a 2000 dollar tv ???? Save 6000 bruh

  • Patrik Žec 4 months ago

    Because if you make hole it will be visible when somebody closely look at it :-) This is just thin TV, not fat TV in wall which you can not mask to be actually this product.

  • Chinguun Erdenebadrakh why would you need that much structural support for a roof