RESCUE tiny BLACK KITTEN from running car engine bay! (little Woody)

  • Published on:  11/26/2019
  • RESCUE tiny BLACK KITTEN from running car engine bay! (little Woody)

    One day at the parking lot of an apartment. The security told us they saw a small black kitten came out of our car engine bay. At the time we just got back from downtown. The kitten is black with some white spot on his stomach.I don't know how he survive with all that heat.

    Age: around 1-2 months

    When we found him, He was covered with tick and flea they were just everywhere so we have to give him a bath. Even know we should not give a kitten this age a bath.

    The next morning we went to the veterinary to have the kitten check up. The kitten got a cat abscess on the left side of the stomach, cat mange, along with some deep scratch, might got bitten by big cats or injuries when the kitten was in the car engine bay. So we have to treat this right away along with the tick and flea.

    We decided to adopt the kitten and name him WOODY. Is hard for us because we already have 4 cats Name Lucky, Daisy, Selfie and Bambi. So now we have 5 cats.

    I will introduce theme all here along with updated info about WOODY.


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