Adults React To The Day They Were Born (Movies, Songs, Newspapers)

  • Published on:  10/3/2018
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  • FBE
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  • Mason J
    Mason J 10 months ago+846

    “Grab a tissue Jermaine, nobody knows who you is” 😂😂

  • FM
    FM 10 months ago+580

    So, uh Malcolm has a TWIN brother and Sharon has a WIFE? Oh i am LEARNING learning

  • Eddie Doezit 2
    Eddie Doezit 2 10 months ago+605

    "How much is that bong? Oh, it's a vinegar vile." ….hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  • laceypennies
    laceypennies 10 months ago+690

    HAHA OMG, she's coming out backwards, you're losing lots of blood, LET'S DO A C- SECTION!!! Aaaye! I laughed so hard.

  • queso queso
    queso queso 10 months ago+549

    Malcom has so much swag

  • Tulbure George
    Tulbure George 10 months ago+350

    "Leeeeet`s do a C section....AAAYYY" I`m done.

  • The Black Queen
    The Black Queen 10 months ago+227

    That moment Michael Jackson is randomly at number 1 twice in this video.

  • James Cisneros
    James Cisneros 10 months ago+453

    “How much is that bong? Oh. It’s a vinegar vile.” 🤣🤣💜

  • Cole
    Cole 10 months ago+283

    grab a tissue jermaine no one knows who you is

  • Dark ritual
    Dark ritual 10 months ago+139

    That makarena c-section edit was 👌

  • Queen Rayna
    Queen Rayna 10 months ago+223

    Her little song about her birth was hilarious

  • Kristen Custer
    Kristen Custer 10 months ago+210

    0:58 Has this country just always been at war?
    Yes Sharon, yes it has.

  • My Lyfe as Jamie
    My Lyfe as Jamie 10 months ago+210

    “Oh there’s a bong, how much is the bong”
    “Oh it’s a vinegar vile”
    😂 lmao

  • Candice The Great
    Candice The Great 10 months ago+183

    "How much is that bong!?!?....Oh, it's a vinegar vile." That Sharon lady is life!! 😂😂

  • Quynh Pham
    Quynh Pham 10 months ago+88

    “grab a tissue Jermaine, nobody know who you is” IM CRYING

  • A Obanya
    A Obanya 10 months ago+83

    "Grab a tissue Jermaine, nobody knows who you is."

  • strawberry melk
    strawberry melk 10 months ago+98

    oh... it’s a vinegar vial...

    EIG8T EDITS 10 months ago+147

    “how much is that bong?”
    intense realization
    “oh... it’s a vinegar vile”

  • aaliyah
    aaliyah 10 months ago+85

    “Oh look..a bong. How much is that bong??.....oh. It’s a vinegar vile...” hahah