WISH UPON (2017) Ending Explained

  • Published on:  7/16/2017
  • Explaining the ending for Wish Upon, the teen horror movie with a cursed wish giving box starring Joey King, Shannon Purser, and Ryan Phillippe.Subscribe! ►► http://bit.ly/2jrstgMSupport FoundFlix on Patreon! ►► http://www.patreon.com/foundflix=== Connect with us on Social Media! ===FACEBOOK ►► www.facebook.com/foundflixTWITTER ►► www.twitter.com/foundflixINSTAGRAM ►► www.instagram.com/foundflix


  • Anti-Ningen
    Anti-Ningen a years ago+990

    This movie was okay until the dog died.
    That demon would have to square up real fast

  • Sovann T
    Sovann T a years ago+1389

    She could've wished for common sense 🤔

  • First Name
    First Name 4 months ago+350

    My first wish: "Remove all the ill effects of any wish I make, including this one"
    Wish box:"Excuse me wtf"

  • Juraj Zednik
    Juraj Zednik a years ago+485

    The saddest death
    The dog

  • Justy Gilberts
    Justy Gilberts 7 months ago+470

    Wish 1: Wish I was invincible.
    Wish 2: Wish Everyone I loved was invincible.
    Wish 3: Wish for box to be destroyed.

  • jasmine doley
    jasmine doley 8 months ago+167

    If I was claire, I wouldn't be embarrassed about my dad but my friend who says-" Your dad is 'hot sauce' like 'sriracha hot'." I mean, thats taking the cringe to a whole new level.

  • Geo Gamez
    Geo Gamez 5 months ago+91

    the demon took it too far with killing the dog
    way too far

  • Hashie
    Hashie a years ago+88

    The only death that mattered to me was the dog's

  • -【快適な猫】-
    -【快適な猫】- a years ago+101

    These Are My My Wishes
    1. Stop Killing Movie People
    2. Stop Hot Sauce

  • PeachesforMe
    PeachesforMe a years ago+12

    "...Unpopular and poor."
    As this is said, she's in a really nice beddroom in a really nice area. She's "Lower Upper Class" at best.

  • RollingxBigshot
    RollingxBigshot 4 months ago+34

    The 6th wish should always be for unlimited wishes with no penalty

  • thundergaming155
    thundergaming155 8 months ago+51

    Wish upon is basically final destination but with wishes.

  • Garrett Forgey
    Garrett Forgey 11 months ago+19

    goes to Asian guy
    “Ya know anyone who can read”
    shows Chinese box

  • Sgt.Smartykins
    Sgt.Smartykins 4 months ago+39

    1st wish: I wish the demon residing in this box was incapable of causing death or injury.
    6 free wishes with no death. Huzzah.

  • Steven day
    Steven day 1 months ago+13

    I just found your channel a week ago..it's really great..been binge watching..

    CHEEKOSBACKx2 a years ago+16

    When she got hit by that car and flew it looked like a photoshop catastrophe

  • AlbertAck_Pubg Official
    AlbertAck_Pubg Official 3 months ago+10

    i know this is a 2017 but i dont care
    What if i said "i wish i had unlimited wishes without blood price"

  • Andres Animation
    Andres Animation a years ago+49

    Her mother is HANGING around ... hahha Funny, .... nvm

  • Anym
    Anym 1 months ago+4

    the moment the demon killed the dog, it had a John Wick coming

  • Kaylie Shaw
    Kaylie Shaw 12 hours ago

    I love your videos and it's one of my favourites!