• Published on:  12/2/2017
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    REACT  a years ago+173

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  • aisyah margana
    aisyah margana a years ago+808

    "who wants to sing along to lady gaga?"
    next guy

  • Nate the Gamer
    Nate the Gamer a years ago+217

    Guy 1: Who wants to sing to lady gaga?
    Everybody else: P P P P pokerface p p p p pokerface.

  • Aylla
    Aylla a years ago+369

    I mean, you put MJ in there, you got me at a loss already, i love Michael Jackson!

  • bitter.fuxk._
    bitter.fuxk._ a years ago+1304

    +"Who wants to sing along to Lady Gaga?
    -"P-p-p-p-poker face ♫"

  • IZIk31
    IZIk31 a years ago+361

    I'm a simple person
    I see Michael, I click

  • Meena
    Meena a years ago+956


  • Jemma Hovsepyan
    Jemma Hovsepyan a years ago+91

    You put Gaga and the Jackson 5 in one video and expect me NOT to sing?!?!?!

  • Zack Wilson
    Zack Wilson a years ago+184

    7:38 i think they broke alex

  • Bem347
    Bem347 a years ago+682

    I saw Michael Jackson and clicked!!!😂they chose the perfect last song

  • Sarah Hamza
    Sarah Hamza a years ago+134

    Im a simple person I see Michael Jackson I click faster than the flash

  • Mohammad Ridzuan
    Mohammad Ridzuan a years ago+418

    "Who wants to sing along to Lady Gaga?"
    Apparently everybody?

  • Liana
    Liana a years ago+306

    “Who wants to sing to lady Gaga?”
    shows several people singing/dancing

  • Janet M.
    Janet M. a years ago+207

    I'm a simple person....I see Michael Jackson - I click

  • The Pretty of the Odd
    The Pretty of the Odd a years ago+162

    shout out to Alex almost crying before giving into Jackson 5

  • mdiem
    mdiem a years ago+77

    That first one was vicious!
    And I think I've said this before, but Michael Jackson needs to be banned from these challenges: not at all fair.

  • Curb Your Comment
    Curb Your Comment a years ago+263

    I clicked for Michael Jackson!

  • Andrew Sep
    Andrew Sep a years ago+97

    As soon as the Jackson 5 came on, I got up and started dancing

  • Lilac music lover
    Lilac music lover a years ago+29

    I saw little Michael and knew that I had to click

  • Jeanne d'Arc CYUZUZO
    Jeanne d'Arc CYUZUZO a years ago+142

    Kyle:Who wants to sing along to lady Gaga ???
    Austin:poopoker face🙌🙌🙌