Disney's Jungle Cruise - Now In Production

  • Published on:  7/31/2018
  • Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson welcome you to the adventure of a lifetime! Disney’s Jungle Cruise is now in production. In theaters October 2019. Follow us: http://www.facebook.com/JungleCruisehttp://www.twitter.com/JungleCruisehttp://www.instagram.com/DisneysJungl...


  • MegaSoulHero 10 months ago

    You know what would be great? Getting a Haunted Mansion reboot.

  • Ethan Nicoletti 10 months ago

    MegaSoulHero i would enjoy that I would also like to see I mystic am nor movie (mainly so they release an official soundtrack and I can finally have the mystic manor theme)

  • Christopher Cervantes 10 months ago

    Already in progress!

  • S 1 10 months ago

    He is lookin like Popeye

  • Joshreaper Rodriguez 10 months ago

    Jesus The Rock needs to take a break from movies

  • Happiest Place 10 months ago

    The mans gotta eat.

  • Austin Dickerson 10 months ago

    Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?!?

  • Lupin 10 months ago

    Jumanji plus Mary Poppins = Jungle Cruise... the outfits and sets and people involved... it really is Jumanji Poppins

  • B R 10 months ago


  • Adam Tatti 10 months ago

    Emily Blunt is in this, I have to see it now.

  • John Landon Miller 7 months ago

    yes see you in two years mate lmao

  • Daniel Medjedovic 10 months ago

    She needs to be Susan Storm when Fantastic Four joins the MCU. Her Real life husband should be Mr. Fantastic.

  • Smash Shane 10 months ago

    Nick Lasley That's a pretty great cast for the Fantastic Four. I'm still hopeful that Emily Blunt does get in the MCU sometime around phase 4.

  • Nick Lasley 10 months ago

    John Krasinski as Reed RichardsEmily Blunt as Sue StormZac Efron as Johnny StormJoel Edgerton as Ben Grimm

  • Tommy Ross 10 months ago

    cool give us an aladdin teaser

  • Chris Stagner 8 months ago

    wish granted

  • The Pooh 8 months ago

    Tommy Ross today’s the day

  • Rav1357 10 months ago

    Ok, what is it with Dwayne Johnson and movies set in a jungle? It's like fourth or fifth one

  • Sydney Van 28 days ago

    @margareth michelina yes yes yes please

  • THE JURASSIC KING 6 months ago

    Rav1357 because jungles are cool

  • Cheese4G 10 months ago

    People always assume the Rock's superpower is his immense strength, but that's just the results of his training. His real superpower is his smile that makes everyone fall in love with him. Guys, girls, giant albino gorilla monsters, no one is immune. Not even Squidward's House.

  • The Daily Dan 10 months ago

    So is this basically Jumanji but for Disney?

  • Austin Dickerson 10 months ago

    It will be Jumanji done right.

  • nospeedboundaries 10 months ago

    ThisIsTheEndPt2 Jumanji is TriStar Pictures, owned by Sony