Disney's Jungle Cruise - Now In Production

  • Published on:  7/31/2018
  • Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson welcome you to the adventure of a lifetime! Disney’s Jungle Cruise is now in production. In theaters October 2019. Follow us: http://www.facebook.com/JungleCruisehttp://www.twitter.com/JungleCruisehttp://www.instagram.com/DisneysJungl...


  • MegaSoulHero
    MegaSoulHero a years ago+457

    You know what would be great? Getting a Haunted Mansion reboot.

  • joshreaper Rodriguez
    joshreaper Rodriguez a years ago+181

    Jesus The Rock needs to take a break from movies

  • Lupin
    Lupin a years ago+66

    Jumanji plus Mary Poppins = Jungle Cruise... the outfits and sets and people involved... it really is Jumanji Poppins

  • Adam Tatti
    Adam Tatti a years ago+41

    Emily Blunt is in this, I have to see it now.

  • Daniel Medjedovic
    Daniel Medjedovic a years ago+55

    She needs to be Susan Storm when Fantastic Four joins the MCU. Her Real life husband should be Mr. Fantastic.

  • S 1
    S 1 a years ago+45

    He is lookin like Popeye

  • Rav1357
    Rav1357 a years ago+53

    Ok, what is it with Dwayne Johnson and movies set in a jungle? It's like fourth or fifth one

  • Tommy Ross
    Tommy Ross a years ago+78

    cool give us an aladdin teaser

  • Cheese4G
    Cheese4G a years ago+20

    People always assume the Rock's superpower is his immense strength, but that's just the results of his training. His real superpower is his smile that makes everyone fall in love with him. Guys, girls, giant albino gorilla monsters, no one is immune. Not even Squidward's House.

  • The Daily Dan
    The Daily Dan a years ago+130

    So is this basically Jumanji but for Disney?

  • Happiness and Sweet Tea
    Happiness and Sweet Tea a years ago+38

    OH MY DISNEY!!! Yes!!!

  • IndieSimmer
    IndieSimmer a years ago+17

    I see Emily Blunt, I click.

  • GeekyNerdTheatre
    GeekyNerdTheatre a years ago+4

    If there isn't a pun every 5 seconds in this film I'm walking out.

  • Seb Sandford
    Seb Sandford a years ago+20

    can't wait to see what dwayne and emily have in store for next october...

  • Rishi Roy
    Rishi Roy a years ago+2

    Dear disney, its my humble request to please pull back your decision on fired james gunn director of marvels guardian of the galaxy vol 1 & 2
    Don't judge the book by its old torn or tatter covers.

  • Thomas K96
    Thomas K96 a years ago+2

    Dwayne Johnson is wearing the same outfit as Humphrey Bogart in the movie African Queen.

  • Justin Harvey
    Justin Harvey a years ago+2

    How about instead of this, we get an actually decent Haunted Mansion movie with good actors this time?

  • Mai Vançon
    Mai Vançon a years ago+2

    Emily Blunt could pass off as Jane from Tarzan

  • Djreray Aloha!
    Djreray Aloha! a years ago+1

    Next year "It's A Small World" staring the Rock.

  • Metalguy40
    Metalguy40 a years ago+2

    Let’s see dat Haunted Mansion reboot huh Disney?