• Published on:  10/12/2016
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  • Michael Schartle 2 years ago

    Roman should propose at 10 million like if you agree!

  • Michael Schartle no he shouldn't preposing is a big part in life you shouldn't push someone that far he will propose when he's ready

  • maddie myers 1 years ago

    i go to that pumpkin patch every year and might i say as a thirteen year old, it is still so much fun.

  • Clinton Cairns 1 years ago

    you got a basement kids in the world I can I can forward you a Lamborghini with a million dollars cause you are the best YouTuber in the world

  • luna jørgensen 2 years ago

    Fun video

  • Omar Mohamed 2 years ago

    That moment when Kane says, "I am so happy right now" @5:10

  • Shayne Holmes 1 years ago

    gtr crashes

  • Xxmessitrejo21 Xx 2 years ago

    Roman should propose at 10 MILLION!!!!!!!!

  • Rocio Orozco 2 years ago

    your bwst

  • Rocio Orozco 2 years ago


  • Hannah F 1 years ago

    I go there every year to! I hope one year I will see you!

  • Hollie Vanderpol 2 years ago

    I love ❤️ Kane's Smile

  • Hunter Buracker 1 years ago


  • MrDonutFTW 2 years ago

    Noah dabed at around 20:00 when he got tickled by Roman and fell back on the bed

  • Tammy Byrd 2 years ago

    MrDonutFTW ohhhh I saw it

  • Josthy Garcia 2 years ago

    roman is a cool man