Sierra and Alex - Cutest Moments

  • Published on:  2/16/2017
  • The Cutest Moments from my favorite YouTube couple Ever!!Music:- Daydreamin' by Ariana Grande- Thinkin Bout You by Ariana Grande- Be Alright by Ariana GrandeLike & Subscribe Please!!!


  • Kimberly Stinnett
    Kimberly Stinnett 2 years ago+537

    warning don't watch while you're on your period... i cried 3 times this is so cute

  • Evelyn Gborie
    Evelyn Gborie a years ago+404

    Alex is hot af with glasses

  • Alice Malaise
    Alice Malaise a years ago+388

    Wow I didn't realize how single I was until I saw this.

  • Ashley Saetern
    Ashley Saetern 2 years ago+508

    Okay where do they keep finding sweet men like this ? Becuz I need to find myself one

  • Cathy Zhang
    Cathy Zhang a years ago+145

    He looks like Shawn Mendes lol! They are so cute together!

  • jaylin makaela
    jaylin makaela 2 years ago+194

    I threw my phone across the room I'm dying

  • Judith Argueta
    Judith Argueta 2 years ago+115

    Omg Alex is so CUTE!!!😍😍🤤🤤😭😭

  • demarloves
    demarloves 2 years ago+311

    this is ADORABLE

  • Arissa Riedesel
    Arissa Riedesel a years ago+47

    I just want someone to love me and give me endless cuddles. Where are ya good boys at?

  • ZiaMeera’s World
    ZiaMeera’s World 2 years ago+93

    Omg they are the cutest couple ever 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Dana B
    Dana B a years ago+24

    2:49 why is teala and meredith me??

  • Mackenzie Erin
    Mackenzie Erin a years ago+34

    In some clips she looks like Alison from PLL 😂

  • Billies Daughter
    Billies Daughter a years ago+20

    When you finally realized how single you've been 😐

  • Maya Abu Aziza
    Maya Abu Aziza a years ago+40

    My god they give me positive vibes that one day I will meet my soulmate❤️☺️

  • Maddie Caniff
    Maddie Caniff a years ago+10

    bruh i’m dead when it was new years eva’s bf was trying to kiss her sooo bad

  • Doug & Rachel Perry
    Doug & Rachel Perry a years ago+30

    crying. I want my relationships in the future to be like this

  • Melle Hoglind
    Melle Hoglind a years ago+43

    These vids are making me more depressed every minute :(

  • Jackie padilla
    Jackie padilla a years ago+21

    This was in my recommended... YouTube hates me they are so darn adorable I hate myself right now

  • Amy Diep
    Amy Diep 2 years ago+60


  • Amir Harrell
    Amir Harrell a years ago+16

    I pray for s relationship like this 🙏🏽💖