Best Sushi in Japan - Tsukiji Fish Market to $300 HIGH-END SUSHI in Tokyo! | Japanese Food

  • Published on:  11/22/2017
  • ►Check out The Hungry Tourist:►SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week: this Japanese food and sushi tour, I was on the Best of Tokyo Food Tour with David from The Hungry Tourist. His tours are one of a kind and focus on deep high end food!For more details check out The Hungry Tourist:►Instagram:►Facebook: In saying "Best Sushi in Japan", I'm not saying this particular restaurant is the best sushi in Japan, but that the sushi journey, from Tsukiji fish auction, to the middle man who the best sushi chefs in the world get their tuna from (where we visited), to the omakase style of eating sushi - it's the entire process that's the best in the world of sushi.We started off by going to the Tsukiji Fish Market tuna auction, that takes place early in the morning. The famous fish market is the biggest tuna auction in the world, and the best tuna that you get just about anywhere in the world for top end sushi restaurants comes through Tsukiji Market. We met up with Sushi Master Hiro Sato, who brought us around the market and took us to the Tuna King (Yamaguki), who is known for buying tuna and reselling on the best tuna to the best of the best of sushi restaurants in Tokyo.It was fascinating to have an opportunity to visit Tsukiji Market for the fish auction, and to see the tuna being sliced in front of your eyes.Sushi Arai (鮨 あらい) - For dinner, we had reservations a t one of the best restaurants in Tokyo for sushi, a restaurant called Sushi Arai. Our Best of Tokyo food tour had the entire 8 seater restaurant to ourselves, and it was pure joy to watch the chefs as they assembled each mini plate of food. Then it was time for sushi, and Chef Arai is a master, he literally just flies with his hands, gathering the fish in one hand and the ball of rice in the other, combining each bite with wasabi and molding them together. This was one of the best sushi experiences I’ve ever had in my life, and the quality, balance, and perfection of the sushi, is next level.Price - About 34,000 JPY ($300) per personIt was an amazing day of learning about the best sushi in Japan, both from the Tsukiji Market auction side, and the distribution of the tuna, all the way to eating at one of the top luxury sushi restaurants in Tokyo.Thank you to The Hungry Tourist for inviting me on The Best of Tokyo Food Tour.I didn’t personally pay for the food in this video. Love Me Now -***CAMERA GEAR*** I used to make this video (these are affiliate links):Main camera: lens: lens: would love to connect with you!Instagram: available now:


  • Borderlandzcrazy
    Borderlandzcrazy a years ago+5335

    15:47(small one)
    19:30(more surprised)
    20:03(behind the camera)
    21:59(actual busted nut)
    22:59(that's what she said)
    24:21(a little calm)
    25:09(crazy eyes)
    26:22(that's what she said again)
    28:00(he didn't like this one)
    28:12(fakest laugh you'll ever hear)

  • Joseph Tautua'a
    Joseph Tautua'a 4 months ago+935

    This is how many times he said oh

  • Kush Chopra
    Kush Chopra 5 months ago+275

    Sushi chef : here try this
    Mark : oh oh yeah ...
    Sushi chef : oh sorry I forgot to put fish on it
    Mark : still , oh oh

  • Haihada
    Haihada 4 months ago+438

    No one:
    Mark Wiens: Oh

  • jacko89d
    jacko89d 7 days ago+62

    Mark doesn't order water, he orders H2 Oh

  • Sayayin
    Sayayin 6 months ago+1036

    Step 1: chew
    Step 2: close eyes/roll eyes
    Step 3: lean to the right
    Step 4: ohhhh

    LEMBOCHI PRODUCTIONS 4 months ago+262

    Man, this guy sure does have major foodgasms.

  • Keirobon
    Keirobon 5 months ago+293

    Gets run over by a truck
    Ooooooh! Ooooooh!
    MY LEG.

  • Zoetherat
    Zoetherat yesterday+3

    I'd be super impressed by this sushi restaurant, if not for the fact that i've realized that Mark reacts the exact same way to any food he tries.

  • joe Joe
    joe Joe yesterday+2

    I was blown away.. this fresh awsome..from market to the plate..the combination of sushi was out of this world..

  • lyn lyn
    lyn lyn a years ago+4031

    Rolls eyes and then he goes “ooohhh...ooohhh”

    GREY DEATH yesterday+2

    The reaction was too played up, you're allowed to not like something

  • Dom C
    Dom C 19 hours ago+4

    This guy irritates me with his overboard reaction

  • Alex Langata
    Alex Langata 14 hours ago+1

    haven't check in in a while, and your show has really improved even more.. well done, this episode was amazing!!

  • Yuya MC
    Yuya MC 2 days ago+2

    Just in case Tsukiji Fish Market is closed on October 6, 2018. Only outer market is in business there.
    "Arai" is not open on Mondays and every Tuesday lunchtime. So be careful.

  • Ergii - Free Fire
    Ergii - Free Fire 4 months ago+44

    99% of the coments:OHH OHH
    1% of the coments:Other

  • Jonathan Vallejo
    Jonathan Vallejo 2 months ago+45

    I scrolled down to see if others were thinking that he says "oh" a lot...nevermind xD

  • Sushi_BurritoMC
    Sushi_BurritoMC 3 months ago+60

    This makes me want to travel to Japan even more.
    ohh oohh

  • Kayson Carter
    Kayson Carter 4 months ago+97

    Every time he said ohh his chin grew a little bit more

  • Junk In My House
    Junk In My House 14 hours ago+1

    sounds like mortal kombat at the auction