Strangers Call Their Crush To Ask Them On A Date (episode 18)



  • Thoraya Maronesy
    Thoraya Maronesy  3 months ago+26817


  • Eve Robinson
    Eve Robinson 3 months ago+50414

    Imagine if you see your crush on one of these...calling someone else.

  • Gristly Scarab
    Gristly Scarab 1 months ago+6265

    Can you zoom in more I can’t see their individual cells

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 1 months ago+4258

    They have the numbers of their crush
    my crush doesnt even know that I exist

  • Antoine.Bethancourt
    Antoine.Bethancourt 1 months ago+1843

    "No Carson Stop"
    Those words felt like a mike Tyson Uppercut

  • Nate C
    Nate C 1 months ago+2240

    “I’m supposed to call my crush so I called you.”
    “RIGHT ON” lol

  • maria jesus montenegro
    maria jesus montenegro 1 months ago+2009

    DAMN I thought attractive people dont get rejected!! carson actually is cute!

  • Smaal dot doug
    Smaal dot doug 21 days ago+1383

    Yeah I'm calling my sister
    *Alabama music Intensifies*

  • Davon Jones
    Davon Jones 14 days ago+525

    That dude Carson is trying to laugh it off but you can tell he is hurting smh😢😢 I feels his pain

  • Ružica Marošević
    Ružica Marošević 1 months ago+743

    The guy that got rejected was so adorable and his crush was just being rude. He can do better

  • not gnarly jace
    not gnarly jace 3 months ago+15363

    I need to stop watching these videos because I'm getting too confident

  • Zafar Monier
    Zafar Monier 1 months ago+1014

    the extreme clos-ups are giving me anxiety, my Apple Watch thinks I'm exercising

  • JustTheReed
    JustTheReed 21 days ago+457

    I don’t think the Italian food guy actually hit the mark 😂

  • S.F Productions
    S.F Productions 1 months ago+240

    Sheesh, 7:00 was basically...
    “Wanna go to the movies?”
    “Err...I’ve seen...the movies...”

  • Pepperoni Playboy
    Pepperoni Playboy 21 days ago+449

    Girl: Soo you just got out of church?
    Guy: Yeah
    Girl: lip biting
    Lady, you must have a whole lotta love for Jesus 😂

  • Jasmyn Campbell
    Jasmyn Campbell 7 days ago+166

    imagine just chillin, watching these videos & suddenly you get a call..

  • Jamykah is me
    Jamykah is me 1 months ago+379

    The guy in red with curly hair is so adorable
    The dude in the green hoodie with curly hair was cute too

  • NotCris
    NotCris 1 months ago+281

    I’m just sitting here, hugging my pillow feeling lonely 😞

  • Gabbiano
    Gabbiano 21 days ago+268

    I'd get a "Hell no" and prolly some cops cars pulling at my house

  • Two Eye
    Two Eye 2 months ago+8147

    Answer's phone "hello Cutie" - He's not just a crush