Ubisoft at E3 2019 in 14 Minutes

  • Published on:  6/10/2019
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  • MisAnthro Pony 9 days ago

    Ubisoft E3 2019 in two words: Hacker Grandma

  • Mr gamers 6 days ago

    @Bruno Markovic its still great

  • kool kids klan 8 days ago

    @Bruno Markovic I wanted that

  • Martin XYZ 9 days ago

    Thank You for saving our time

  • Jake Hix 5 days ago

    @m_train Gaming shitting on a random stranger for disliking a company's ability to innovate.... i think the irony in calling him entitled is insane.

  • Wipa4 5 days ago

    Martin XYZ ahh... back in the days they were making great games, like Silent Hunter 3, Far Cry 2/ Blood Dragon, Brothers in Arms, Call of Juarez, Cold Fear, Dark messiah of M&M, Driver: Parallel Lines, HoMM V <- best game since 3, early Prince of Persia games, Unreal, XIII. And now all this... really, Ubi? We put hopes on you and you failed muserably. You just became EA with French accent.

  • MaiWei 9 days ago

    This year's e3 trend: hire actors to up the hype for our games.

  • richard hockey 5 days ago

    @Lex Luxon how can anyone compete against Neo / John Wick?

  • @Nico Fonzie fair point,all just fod the hype tbh. But I'm never ever gonna say no Keanu Reeves face

  • Anesh K 8 days ago

    Now i know where most of the budget of video games go. To the famous actors.

  • Emmett Mathieu 9 days ago

    For the love of god, give us a new Splinter Cell!!!

  • Kerbean Blient  3 days ago

    @Lord Krythic 😂

  • Lord Krythic 3 days ago

    @Kerbean BlientFor all we know, they will never find a cure for your Autism.

  • Thank you for making this short. So good not to hear the cringy fake cheer especially that one guy yelling out WOOO YEA!!

  • Acetic 8 days ago

    It's no fake cheer dipshit it was so crowded that's realistic dumbass

  • Mr Skill- 8 days ago

    I'm pretty sure he was just doing it as a joke. You can see the devs look fed up everytime he does it.

  • History Memer 6 days ago

    TimestampsWatchdogs Legion: 0:00 - 2:05Mystic quest Ravens banquet: 2:06 - 3:10Brawlhalla (Adventure Time add on): 3:11 - 3:41Ghost Recon Breakpoint: 3:42 - 5:12Tom Clancy's Elite Squad (mobile game): 5:13 - 6:08Just Dance 2020: 6:09 - 6:42For Honor Shadows of the Hitokiri: 6:43 - 7:19Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine: 7:20 - 7:53The Division 2 (Add ons): 7:54 - 10:44UPLAY+ (Only available on PC): 10:45 - 11:30Roller Champions: 11:31 - 13:12Gods and Monsters: 13:13 - 14:01

  • Philip Toomey 4 days ago


  • Wipa4 5 days ago

    Tom Clunky Faceless Clones collection 2019

  • Public Guy 9 days ago

    Jon Bernthal, the only cool thing about this, lol.

  • King Kunta 6 days ago


  • Public Guy that guys a douche

  • MYSchamp _i 8 days ago

    The Punisher. Ubisoft literally upped sales on Breakpoint so much with Jon Bernthal.

  • Anthony Faigin 6 days ago

    And the walking dead

  • Dante's Inferno 9 days ago

    10+ years ago we had marvels like Assassin's creed 2, Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell from Ubisoft, rich in stories, no micro transactions in Single player. Now we have mobile games and games with shallow stories (save for Ghost Recon).

  • Aaron 4 days ago

    @Dante's Inferno lmao cost of development has some what increased?? Fuck no, it's gone up multiple times what it was even a decade ago. And marketing isn't cheaper?? They have higher marketing budgets then ever before. And watchdogs 1 is irrelevant to the conversation. Watchdogs 2 was a good game. and division 2 is the first truly fantastic online looter shooter and has gotten universal praise. They had a rocky start this generation but have been killing it lately with universally praised titles with m...

  • Aaron 6 days ago

    @Dante's Inferno you're the most entitled dry dick on the planet. Holy shit. No point reasoning with you. Have fun playing like, 2 games a year. Lol