I Was Afraid Of The Government So I Got A Baby To Save My Parents

  • Published on:  7/17/2019
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  • Fancy TWICE
    Fancy TWICE 1 months ago+6455

    She got pregnant to save her family and when her family wants her to keep the baby she gets angry because they don’t think about her future??
    Lol she is funny

  • Seung Hunny
    Seung Hunny 28 days ago+1635

    She’s problematic and naive.
    Life isn’t a wattpad story sis you can’t just do that to people.

  • Winnie x
    Winnie x 21 days ago+847

    “I’m 16 and my story starts 2 years ago”
    Wait a second
    She was like 14 and wanted to get pregnant :|

  • Lily Mulvihill
    Lily Mulvihill 21 days ago+604

    Her: im pregnant
    Parents: you can keep the baby
    Me: wtf

  • Ethan Manzano
    Ethan Manzano 21 days ago+378

    Next video: The government forced me to breathe air to survive, so I ran away from home.

  • Raine Darrian
    Raine Darrian 1 months ago+6204

    If your reading this you haven’t finished the video yet. hanJHAJWUJSOSX

  • Maya Allani
    Maya Allani 2 days ago+32

    I feel sorry for the parents for having an immature and stupid child

  • Remi
    Remi 21 days ago+302

    i kept expecting to hear jarvis cutting in with how dumb this is and then i remembered i was watching the actual dang thing

  • Cathy
    Cathy 21 days ago+87

    "I sacrificed my whole life ahead of me, eventhough I had practically volunteered, how can they think of sacrificing me easily like that?😥"
    Girl, is you dumb?

  • Dark Assassination
    Dark Assassination 21 days ago+229

    Her:I thought of him as my future partner
    Her:he‘s rich———

  • En Kerro
    En Kerro 1 months ago+4429

    Remember the time when animated stories were actually real

  • Alyssa Lewars
    Alyssa Lewars 14 days ago+46

    “Surely Josh would stay by my side and he wouldn’t let me go through this alone...”
    Well when you lie and manipulate like that, that ain’t gon’ happen

  • KING J
    KING J 21 days ago+102

    I lost my last brain cell watching this vid🤯

  • Opal Shiraz
    Opal Shiraz 21 days ago+45

    You say your parents betrayed you. You were the one who got pregnant and you decided it was a good idea. Your parents were trying to support you. They wanted to make sure you were OK and you said they betrayed you.

  • Morgan Davis
    Morgan Davis 21 days ago+193

    Comes to America illegally
    “We’re not bad people”
    Ruins boys life by using him to become pregnant and lying to him that she was on the pill
    “We’Re NoT bAd PeOpLe”

  • Aeladya
    Aeladya 1 months ago+8059

    Well of course he dumped you, you trapped him with a baby.

  • Elizabeth Kube
    Elizabeth Kube 21 days ago+149

    Her; I hope my parents are supportive
    Parents are

  • Anastasia R.
    Anastasia R. 21 days ago+84

    What did you expect? You lied to him about taking the pill, and used him to get an anchor baby. Ofc he was going to be pissed and dump you.

  • Aisha Ali
    Aisha Ali 21 days ago+188

    So Josh accepts her now??? Ft he yelled at her when she told him that she was pregnant??
    It’s not even a real story😤

  • Mars Playground
    Mars Playground 21 days ago+208

    Her : happy birthday
    Him : thanks
    Him : what did you get me
    Her : a child
    Him : leaves
    Her : did I say child I meant child support