Kawhi Leonard CRAZY GAME-WINNER - Game 7 | Raptors vs 76ers | 2019 NBA Playoffs

  • Published on:  5/12/2019
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  • Cameron Rotten Lemon
    Cameron Rotten Lemon 2 months ago+1574

    This shot just became way more significant in NBA history with the Raptors winning the championship

  • S C A R S
    S C A R S 1 months ago+479

    Straight up would of took 8 episodes for those 4 bounces if it was an anime

  • Laya Lumpar
    Laya Lumpar 3 months ago+2656

    Notice how the score didn't change immediately. The production room crew erupted too.

  • ben
    ben 2 months ago+1067

    Who’s here after the Klaw took down the warriors

  • ShutTheFuckUpWhore
    ShutTheFuckUpWhore 3 months ago+980

    The funniest shit is the commentators had the same reaction as everyone watching live.

  • Sparky Newman
    Sparky Newman 2 months ago+555

    A game where one bounce can lead to a Championship! Well done Raptors!

  • Shawn Boiz
    Shawn Boiz 2 months ago+511

    Kawhi: let me shoot this.
    Rim: gods plan.
    Drake: that’s the spirit

  • K Wright
    K Wright 2 months ago+334

    That squat will forever be legendary
    Update: !That squat is even more legendary!

  • Blaise
    Blaise 3 months ago+2291

    Rim: I hereby lift the Raptors curse

  • A HaZard
    A HaZard 2 months ago+255

    Anyone else keep replaying it to see everyone's reactions?

  • Neal Lavezares
    Neal Lavezares 2 months ago+191

    Kawhi's Dad is the happiest angel in heaven

  • Lil BDro
    Lil BDro 2 months ago+177

    Such an iconic moment in nba history. What a time to be alive!!!

  • mynochrancher
    mynochrancher 3 months ago+255

    The best part is that the ball hangs on the rim for so long that Kawhi has time to SIT DOWN and watch it go in

  • Joseph Crowe
    Joseph Crowe 3 months ago+4352

    That was like the cheesiest basketball movie ending EVER! Ball bouncing around on the rim for hours.......and it drops.

  • The comenter The comenter
    The comenter The comenter 2 months ago+383

    Wish the Raptors win this championship. They deserve it.

  • Arman Bayot
    Arman Bayot 2 months ago+240

    Toronto has WON.

  • Ryan Nupp
    Ryan Nupp 3 months ago +224

    First full NBA game I have watched in years, I picked the right one for sure!

  • iiProdi
    iiProdi 2 months ago+164

    Who’s watching after the finals game? Leonard the goat 🤩

  • That Meme Dealer Behind Your House

    This the type of shit that’ll be remembered for years... what a great performance from kawhi

  • Jeffrey Curtis
    Jeffrey Curtis 2 months ago+65

    Thee most important shot in Toronto Raptors HISTORY. What a legend!