The Big, the BOLD, the Beautiful (Re-Upload)

  • Published on:  8/23/2017
  • Please enjoy our creative property, a parody of MattLossZone's Bold Guy :) This is the video we were sued for, please enjoy this re-upload.


  • laika space dog
    laika space dog a years ago+8548

    A judge had to watch this.

  • Lucy _
    Lucy _ a years ago+10783

    I can't believe the judge had to watch this

  • Efin Barbwedy
    Efin Barbwedy a years ago+6315

    “He called me a ding goobus your honor.”

  • UnDiegoMas
    UnDiegoMas 11 months ago+2682

    Bold guy deleted every single comment in his last video except the 19 comments (of over 100k) that supports him. The cringe is real

  • fug
    fug a years ago+2531

    Keep in mind a judge watched this video.

  • Sarah Cosgrove
    Sarah Cosgrove a years ago+9899

    I bet the judge subscribed

  • Nicotine Peppermint
    Nicotine Peppermint a years ago+1628

    Hila is always smiling at Ethan ( : 💓

  • Jessica Ottis
    Jessica Ottis 10 months ago+669

    The fact that Hila’s “yeahs” are trademarked in the captions... 😂😂

  • shane lol
    shane lol a years ago+750

    dude Matt hoss shot himself in the foot with a rocket launcher for sueing them. they were nice to him and they promoted him. honestly this could've been a beautiful friendship

  • Mariah Zalera
    Mariah Zalera a years ago+1043

    his face pisses me off

  • Johnny Sins
    Johnny Sins 2 years ago+2588

    plot twist the judge was a subscriber

  • aMAX
    aMAX 2 months ago+213

    To think Matt Hoss could've been well respected in the H3 community if he just embraced the meme. He could've gotten quite a following from that, like many others featured in H3's videos.

  • Joan Madrigal
    Joan Madrigal 3 months ago+605

    "And you're looking very Hila, may I say...and that is a compliment..."

  • Verbal Kint
    Verbal Kint 11 months ago+407

    You got sued for that? WTF!

  • Tyler L
    Tyler L 9 months ago+523

    This girl is the stunt double for supergirl. My, how far she’s come. Lol.

  • Cour
    Cour a years ago+3655

    "I have the right to stretch here"
    "And I have the right to come talk to you"
    And they have the right to make a video about it
    M A T T E R O F L A W

  • Hunter
    Hunter 11 months ago+511

    I think this will go down as the worst decision Matt has ever made in his life.

  • Zolenge B.
    Zolenge B. 10 months ago+557

    wait that’s not Mr. Bean?!

  • Sean Ahern
    Sean Ahern 3 months ago+140

    Imagine the Judge watching this, pausing it in the courtroom and saying, "You know, Mr. Klein, you could've just added cabbage and called it Holeslaw."

  • Facundo Morales Diorio
    Facundo Morales Diorio 9 months ago+144

    Imagine the lawyers hearing Ethan comentary in this part 8:43