Apple March & WWDC Event Dates! What To Expect, Apple News

  • Published on:  2/14/2019
  • Apple's March & June (WWDC 2019) Event Dates Have Leaked! All products to expect & when. More AirPods 2 & Latest Apple News. I also talk why Apple doesn't invite me to these events 😂My HUGE iPhone & AirPod Giveaway: AirPods 2 Leaks: Instagram:


  • Audicula
    Audicula 6 months ago+398

    I really appreciate the fact that you’re a free rider, you say what’s on your mind, and just report the tech news. Sometimes tech youtubers seem too elitist and polished, making them unauthentic.

  • trm nano
    trm nano 6 months ago+478

    Just keep making these videos even if apple doesn't like the fact that your leaking everything your content is amazing!

  • SimplyPops
    SimplyPops 6 months ago+472

    Maybe also because of your jailbreak videos?

  • PixelVogue
    PixelVogue 6 months ago+303

    Next video: EverythingPro name changed lol

  • Tristan Groenewald
    Tristan Groenewald 6 months ago+107

    Nice one man, you burnt the Galaxy A8s and Samsung still invites you. While Apple doesn't invite you even though you are like one of the best Apple channels on YouTube.

  • prone
    prone 6 months ago+350

    “I don’t know why Apple hates me so much” a few seconds later “Samsung is the pinnacle of innovation”

  • Michael Boadi
    Michael Boadi 6 months ago +193

    the way you're happy about the invite and your mood in the whole of this video makes me appreciate your work more, keep it up man

  • Cloudy Is Cloudy
    Cloudy Is Cloudy 6 months ago+41

    Anyone else also mad af that they aren't releasing airpods in march?

  • Rajan Malhotra
    Rajan Malhotra 6 months ago+200

    Make a vlog when you will go in samsung event. Thank you 😊 for hearting my comment

  • Danesh Kiran
    Danesh Kiran 6 months ago+92

    Happy birthday to Your dad bro!! ❤️❤️❤️🎂

  • Watts
    Watts 6 months ago+317

    Ironic how Samsung invites you to an event but not Apple😂

  • Game and Life
    Game and Life 6 months ago+116

    10 years and for a special 10 year anniversary of a phone. Congratulations 🎉

  • Revan
    Revan 6 months ago+76

    You do your own thing bro. You’re legit in my opinion. They just don’t want you changing the dialogue on them. I always check your channel out to cross reference anything Apple spews out on the mainstream PR. Stay strong!

  • Erik
    Erik 6 months ago+15

    I love this content, Apple should be REALLY thankful because these videos are in some way advertising for their products!

  • Jonathan Hoffman
    Jonathan Hoffman 6 months ago+21

    Keep on complimenting Samsung and apple will hate you even more.

  • poseidon
    poseidon 6 months ago+429

    That sentence hit me in the heart "im not gonna change, its my opinion, my review. Thats why you are the best❤️❤️❤️

  • tea time .
    tea time . 5 months ago+2

    Says In mocking baby voice...

  • arbyfc
    arbyfc 6 months ago+12

    Those iPhones from the future looked like the SE style.

  • Daimon Toppi
    Daimon Toppi 6 months ago+2

    Get ready for people running DOOM on thier AR 15s 🤣

  • blacklighting lb
    blacklighting lb 6 months ago+2

    Don't worry I believe in you, just follow your dreams