Twitch Girl Gamer

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Found a girl while surfing twitch and well...

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  • sWooZie (Sep 20, 2018)

    It’s not Valkyrae. I usually don’t hop on and say, “hey it’s not so and so” cuz I’d be here all day doing that. I only recently discovered her and she seems like a sweet person. Cross her off the list 😉

  • the real man (4 days ago)

    My ass she isn't

  • Valkyrae (Sep 20, 2018)

    This video was brought to my attention by my community.. Just for clarification I am NOT the girl in this video lol. I would never finesse anybody like that

  • BeastMode 666 (1 day ago)

    Luv u Raw

  • BeastMode 666 (1 day ago)

    Of would you.....

  • mekinut (Jan 10, 2019)

    Swoozie is that type of dude to pay for his ex girlfriend's husband's kidney replacement

  • Thats fckn hilarious

  • Austin Wynne (Feb 9, 2019)


  • FP Foolish (Dec 9, 2018)

    *She texteded me she text*

  • Melinda M (Feb 10, 2019)


  • Joseph Stalin (Feb 8, 2019)

    I was scrolling through the comments when he said that the first time he said it and I DIED

  • Joana `Jamolin (Dec 12, 2018)

    Boiii get a woman who can afford her own stuff, there are a lot of strong independent woman out there...........

  • STRATEGY MASTER (1 day ago)

    +999 LMAO same

  • 999 (Feb 11, 2019)

    I want a woman like katniss from the hunger games independent.

  • FB I (Dec 5, 2018)

    *Sponsored by Cyanide and Happiness*

  • FB I stop watching me

  • Lara Vincent (6 days ago)

    Guys calm down. There is a space between the b and the i. Its not the rule FBI

  • Young Don The Sauce God (Sep 16, 2018)

    CaN I gEt A cOLlAB bRo

  • Joey Too Smooth (Feb 15, 2019)

    OH LAWD... YES!!!

  • Jasmine Fortune (Feb 1, 2019)

    +Alex Orozco I WOULD WATCH!!!!

  • Lydia Efternamn (Dec 10, 2018)

    There is at least 80 girls in here dreaming about cuddling up with swoozie

  • john fog (1 day ago)

    Oh wow.....

  • S E B A S S (4 days ago)


  • onegoldengraham (Dec 11, 2018)

    If any women read this; if a guy fly's you out to his home which happens to be all the way across the country, he DOES NOT want to be "just friends." It would be better for you to store this knowledge in your brain for future encounters.

  • Sophia (Feb 14, 2019)

    I feel like a dude who even is willing to drive a girl to her house even though it's far away and he aint close to you or nothing-

  • . (Jan 29, 2019)

    +onegoldengraham brav. he payed for everything else not the ticket. since when do people just pay for your almost everything? do you pay for your boys meals???? or is that a one time thing and you be like but you owe me tho. EXACTLY, women play dumb when getting free shit knowing full well that the men wants either a relationship and to be more then friends. the only friend im paying for is the day ones and she aint it. can you imagine if a guy did the same shit to me. that mans better not even look ...

  • Deni (Nov 26, 2018)

    Adande is always getting finessed lmao