Twitch Girl Gamer

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Found a girl while surfing twitch and well...

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  • sWooZie
    sWooZie  2 months ago+5702

    It’s not Valkyrae. I usually don’t hop on and say, “hey it’s not so and so” cuz I’d be here all day doing that. I only recently discovered her and she seems like a sweet person. Cross her off the list 😉

  • t0mFoo13ry
    t0mFoo13ry 8 hours ago

    Daaaawg you knew she was finessing, and you took a chance anyway. Bruh, next time you gotta hit em with the "I'm good luv. Enjoy"

  • Sup Dude
    Sup Dude 10 hours ago


  • Nyo Haz
    Nyo Haz 18 hours ago+1

    I would bang the thumbnail girl

  • Eli C
    Eli C 18 hours ago

    let's go!!!!!!! NZ

  • another retardLeaguePlAyEr

    We need thanos to kill this thot

  • robjnh roblox
    robjnh roblox  21 hours ago+1


  • Family Aw
    Family Aw 21 hours ago

    9:53 i dont feel so good

  • Family Aw
    Family Aw 21 hours ago+1


  • NitroProductions0123

    “She texteded me she text:”

  • Chandler Bramlett

    Everyone we Gathered here today... to pay respects to sWooZie Who Gone Into the friend zone, He paid money and time to get a healthy relationship with this girl... but she did not feel the same way, everyone salute as we bury sWooZie into the friend zone...

  • Shifty Dave
    Shifty Dave yesterday

    I feel like 80 - 90% of these stories are created in his mind lol

  • Kat is Typing.
    Kat is Typing. yesterday

    2:40 I guess it was twitchcon

  • 404
    404 yesterday

    "Oh my god.. there is this guy- tony... he is SO hot... his muscles are just- *RRRR* "
    Bro at that point my pop went up my nose from laughing😂🤕

  • devil slayer
    devil slayer yesterday


  • devil slayer
    devil slayer yesterday

    When is he going to make more videos

  • Hijab S.
    Hijab S. yesterday

    how disgusting! especially the way she pointed out twice that she doesn't have money....trying to use our swoozie!!!!!
    doing all this bc she expected him to go crazy about her then use him and his money!!!!

  • Valian G
    Valian G yesterday

    ...why does the girl in the thumbnail remind me of Aphmau

  • AsianNinja Dragon
    AsianNinja Dragon yesterday+1

    Crickin when he said #demonitized I got an ad

  • Appsro 44
    Appsro 44 yesterday

    I love Disney and I’m not gay