Trisha Paytas Exposed The Vlog Squad in Deleted Video

  • Published on:  2/3/2019
  • Trisha Paytas uploaded a video titled "why david dobrik is a horrible human being" it got nearly 700k views within hours of being posted and then was quickly deleted. In this video Trisha literally exposed Jason Nash, David Dobrik, and Brandon Calvillo. We'll go over this drama with all the receipts i could get my hands on. Let me know what you think down below. Mail Me Things (if you want)P.O. Box 551194Gastonia, NC 28055Wear My Merch - 📩Twitter - @ Threedailey 📲Snapchat - Threedailey 📸Instagram - DustinDailey music provided by Purple-Planet.comThis video was created and published by Dustin Dailey in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and should not be taken as fact. The validity of any evidence provided should be independently checked for authenticity, and Dustin Dailey takes no responsibility for the actions of those viewing this video.


  • Jaedyn Hammonds
    Jaedyn Hammonds 6 months ago+2378

    Are we all just gonna exclude the fact that she knew the whole time about all of these things. she’s only telling everyone now because her and Jason broke up, not for the actual well being of the underage girl. Like if she actually cared about any of the things she was so “appalled” and “disgusted” by then she would have said something publicly and not have associated herself with such “evil” people.

  • Sevanna Sanchez
    Sevanna Sanchez 6 months ago+1245

    I’m curious what Liza has to think about all this 🤔

  • Eduardo Madrigal
    Eduardo Madrigal 6 months ago+818

    She complains about a joke and bit about Jason and Tanna but are we going to ignore the fact that she clearly talks about sleeping with other people and how she try to show herself naked to the guys in front of Jason. How do you think he feels not only that but she had ever shown him her sucking dick, and is ironic how she hates cheaters but she is clearly one herself. Look at the end of the day I'm not on either person side, yes David could have been mindful respected her wishes and things should have been handled like adults and not like children and bringing other people personal like into this, wether it was Jason family or Davids friends.

  • Friee Fanatic
    Friee Fanatic 6 months ago+806

    i suggest to bring it to dr phill

  • AdenKD
    AdenKD 6 months ago+626

    Trishas a hypocrite... sorry not sorry 🤷‍♂️

  • Lauren Johnson
    Lauren Johnson 6 months ago+3564

    I've watched like 10 drama videos on this topic, and it's literally the same info every time, but I don't care it's so entertaining LOL

  • alisha
    alisha  6 months ago+272

    no offence but if your over 18 it shouldnt be anyone elses problem who you choose to date... your LEGAL to choose whomever you want wtf

  • Mahd
    Mahd 6 months ago+186

    At the time, david didnt know how old she was, again, Brandon said she was 18-19 lmao

  • Gage Wright
    Gage Wright 6 months ago+253

    They’ll be back together in 2 days lmfao

  • Alpha wolf
    Alpha wolf 4 months ago+58

    I dont get why at the time, she exposes david and brandon just because she breaks up with Jason.

  • Ohh Alexis
    Ohh Alexis 6 months ago+1728

    I honestly think Trisha needs to be single for a loooong while and work on her mental health.

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 2 months ago+127


  • Kate Jane
    Kate Jane 6 months ago+211

    The Shane Dawson edits 😂

  • balqbar
    balqbar 6 months ago+68

    I need a SHANE DAWSON video about David Dobrik and all of this freaking vlog squad

  • D3LO MUL
    D3LO MUL 6 months ago+39

    Ummmmmmm. Shane?? Inside the mind of DavidDobrik?? Idk. Just saying🙆‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • M B
    M B 6 months ago+1493

    The most shocking drama for me is that Tana is 20 years old. I legit thought that she was 30 years old 😆

  • aNdReW h
    aNdReW h 6 months ago+110

    i like david no matter what. and oh yeah yeah

  • ジThanos
    ジThanos 1 months ago+7

    “Jason’s 45 I’m 30” honey boo boo that was your choice she literally said it herself that she liked him

  • Erin Bosch
    Erin Bosch 3 months ago+21

    So Trisha didn't wanna speak out and stand up for what was right publicly when this was all happening? She continued hanging out with them and dating the people from Vlog squad? Hm. Okay.

  • -JessiMoss-
    -JessiMoss- 6 months ago+119

    Well... I’m a 19 year old college student, living in Germany, who’s dating a 24 year old law student from France...and none of my friends or family members had an issue with it!