I Spent the Night in my Girlfriends House & She had No Idea... (24 Hour Challenge)



  • Maddie Joy
    Maddie Joy 3 months ago+6925

    You’re such a dork 😂❤️ But wow, I am so boring. I’m sorry for not being entertaining to watch hahaha

  • Gianna Lalli
    Gianna Lalli 2 months ago+1696

    this just shows how easily someone could be sneaking around your house without you knowing

  • Lone x Mo
    Lone x Mo 2 months ago+533

    I'm too paranoid to not notice someone in my house...I literally look out of the shower every 10 seconds to make sure no one comes in to kill me lol.

  • Sea Me Now
    Sea Me Now 2 months ago+721

    Gf: calling bf
    Bf: didn't answer phone
    Gf: he's definitely cheating on me
    Bf: *sneaking inside your house and you had no idea*

  • Meredith&Gracie
    Meredith&Gracie 3 months ago+852

    this video is literally just me trying to sneak food to my bedroom without my parents catching me

  • Ms Michimae
    Ms Michimae 3 months ago+5338

    Make this blue if you think you want a relationship like maddie and elijah.

    CCFS BEACONS 3 months ago+1409

    I wouldnt be able to do this, my knees crack 😂😂😂

  • CaThyyy Liii
    CaThyyy Liii 2 months ago+545

    How did she not see a person standing behind the showers!!!!!!! Omg if I saw a shadow I would be screaming!!!

  • diana
    diana 2 months ago+539

    “i feel like i’m gonna sleep in her basement...” - my stalker at 3am

  • WinWin’s Nonexistent Lines

    it scares me how easy it was for someone to just sneak around the house...
    don’t mind me as I go to sleep with a knife in my hand today

  • XxGamer GirlxX
    XxGamer GirlxX 1 months ago+151

    Does anyone go to the toilet but sometimes get paranoid and look behind the shower curtains or is it just me? 😂

  • Manas Gupta
    Manas Gupta 1 months ago+221

    "My socks are wet i repeat my socks are wet.This is no ok." i feel your pain :P

  • Chloè Jorden
    Chloè Jorden 2 months ago+401

    Knowing me I would trip fall and make a huge noise and be busted😂😂

  • Hina2009 _
    Hina2009 _ 2 months ago+745

    Maddie: turns on blow dryer
    Elijah: OMG!! THIS IS INSANE!!

  • Paige The Ghost
    Paige The Ghost 2 months ago+282

    dude my anxiety was so high throughout this whole video😂

  • Gwyx Nyx
    Gwyx Nyx 3 months ago+405

    I love how the dog was so nonchalant about him being there 😂 HAHAHAHAHA the dog's really my fave in this video

  • sarah escobedo
    sarah escobedo 2 months ago+386

    “i like saw you get in the shower”

  • Emily Mancilla
    Emily Mancilla 2 months ago+266

    Awww Elijah’s face when Maddie left the voicemail☹️ makes me so sad that I’m single

  • hannah miniard
    hannah miniard 3 months ago+826

    Elijah: umm where’s the... where’s the snacks?
    lol me every night at 3am 😂

  • Abby Roberts
    Abby Roberts 2 months ago+246

    Props to Eli for really doing a great job with this video. Some people just sit in the basement and go out to the bathroom. This was so entertaining!