Netflix's Carmen Sandiego: Education Meets Action! (Spoiler Free + Spoiler Review) | N+C

  • Published on:  1/19/2019
  • Just when you thought wearing a red hat had been ruined forever, Carmen Sandiego has been rebooted on Netflix! And yeah, I hear you “ANOTHER reboot?!” What can I say, kids, I just review these things, I’m not writing them. And the real question is, does this reimagining of the iconic international woman of mystery and thievery deliver? What’s up, guys? For Nerdwire, I’m Kris Carr, and this is Nerdflix and Chill: giving you a taste, before ya binge.Subscribe For More Obsev Now! ►►►►►►Check out our site: http://www.obsev.comLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: us on ROKU:


  • Chicago Critic Gerald
    Chicago Critic Gerald 7 months ago+177

    Thus is an actually good series, it reminds me of Kim Possible!

  • EDOG 1
    EDOG 1 7 months ago+128

    I can’t wait for season two of where in the world is Carmen Sandiego but why was there only nine episodes in season one

  • DisneyGeek 8477
    DisneyGeek 8477 7 months ago+55

    You just gotta love shows that secretly force people to learn.

  • Kaitlyn Davis
    Kaitlyn Davis 6 months ago+9

    I ship Carmen and Grey... just me? okay.

  • Chicago Critic Gerald
    Chicago Critic Gerald 7 months ago+64

    I was never a fan of Carmen Sandiego but seeing this reboot I'm actually intrested and this is quite animated good and the character is quite cool like KP!

  • Blanca sanchez
    Blanca sanchez 7 months ago+30

    My kid found this show today and I was beyond stoked. I wasn't alive when the console game came out but my dad kept it, so I played it growing up. I. Am. In. Love. With this series

  • Sharpshootersosa08
    Sharpshootersosa08 7 months ago+19

    I loved it, it was a really good show and I got hooked into it from the begging. Sadly it has only 9 episodes so far and I finished it in 1 day

  • Chicago Critic Gerald
    Chicago Critic Gerald 7 months ago+29

    Sad that it's 1st season has 9 episode!

  • DoOp_Edzo
    DoOp_Edzo 7 months ago+36

    Where the hell on earth is Carmen Sandiago?

  • Tucsoncoyote 501
    Tucsoncoyote 501 6 months ago+8

    This serioes actually ties it all in, and in fact this is going to be a good one..(Sort of like Voltron). and beleive me I have a feeling it will not disappoint..
    Or to say as Player says.. I'm in on this...(So yeah I would watch it.)

  • cyberwolf2002
    cyberwolf2002 7 months ago+19

    I am an OG fan of Carmen. Age telling here but I played the games, I watched the PBS game show (Rockafella rocks BTW), and tuned in for the Fox series. I love it when a kids show hits the right combination of excitement, fun, and education.
    I am definitely checking out this reboot of Carmen first chance I get. Just seeing this review I will say I love the animation style. I love all the throwbacks of Player and the Chief, and even Zack and Ivy, which were TV series specific. I gotta say also that I was worried the education base wouldn't be included in the story but I'm glad I was wrong.

  • Plague doctor gaming
    Plague doctor gaming 7 months ago+16

    Season 2 needs to be in the making

  • Charles Grindstaff
    Charles Grindstaff 7 months ago+13

    The series is based of the cartoon not the game show. The player was a live action sequence where Carmen and the player would taunt each other. Where two Interpol agents that were too young to actually have the job were chasing Carmen.

  • True Black Knight
    True Black Knight 7 months ago+15

    Most definitely been watching this I used to love Carmen sandiego 💯

  • XJJSavage
    XJJSavage 7 months ago+21

    This was actually a great video. I like these videos. Also I have no idea what this is. I just like her videos.

  • TFfangeek
    TFfangeek 6 months ago+7

    I wonder if Netflix will have the character Malcolm Avalon appear in Season 2, since in the series finale of Fox's "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?" it was heavily implied that he was her birth father, due to the painting of his wife being Carmen's mother.

  • Creativa Artly
    Creativa Artly 6 months ago+5

    I loved this show. It was a nice way to see the show in a new reboot when I didn't really get to see the original as a child except in reruns I don't really remember. I binged this all of Martin Luther King day. I definitely recommend especially if you don't remember the original that well.

  • King Woozy
    King Woozy 7 months ago+5

    Hol up is she the women from that education game I can’t remember the name of it but she looks just like her I had a old education cd with jump start and others and she looks very similar

  • Chicago Critic Gerald
    Chicago Critic Gerald 7 months ago+3

    I find the detectives partner cute and quite competent and quite enjoyable.

  • Joey Pincombe
    Joey Pincombe 7 months ago+3

    I always thought that the chief from Carmen Sandiego in the game series was always stressed out because people are trying to look for Carmen Sandiego on top of that she must have had too much coffee in in the Heyday of the 90s man that was such a simpler time or maybe that was just me I don't want to give anything to be living back in the 90s again