🕺Turning Our Shower Into a Night Club - Man Vs House

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
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  • April Metzner
    April Metzner 11 months ago+3160

    You already know Corinne got rid of basically everything

  • Noémi Chaw
    Noémi Chaw 11 months ago+891

    Anyone else who could just picture all the shit Rob would have said about the Wish products if this video was not sponsored?

  • Andrew Shearin
    Andrew Shearin 11 months ago+1226

    Corrine being nice for the sponsorship had me dead.

  • Trixy 101
    Trixy 101 11 months ago+1026

    This guy doesn't curse. WHAT DID THEY DO WITH ROB

  • Sam Shane
    Sam Shane 11 months ago+381

    covers lava with rug so Corinne doesn’t get mad

  • Destiny Go
    Destiny Go 11 months ago+786

    I HAVE AN AMAZING IDEA i think simplynailogical and threadbanger should have a "channel switch". For one episode corrine should do nail related videos and post on cristine's channel and have rob bring her tea and corrine and ben should do diys like man vs corrine vs pin (except instead of corrine itll be cristine)

  • ShadowAkatora
    ShadowAkatora 11 months ago+2104

    If there's something women love it's you changing their stuff.
    RIP Rob...

  • Katelyn Grace
    Katelyn Grace 11 months ago+318

    There are two types of people:
    Ones that laugh at funny, clever jokes
    Or ones like rob that laugh at googly eyes on a dryer.

  • Melissa Olson
    Melissa Olson 11 months ago+145

    Someone needs to make an hour long video of rob dancing in the shower

  • Wiebke Fege
    Wiebke Fege 11 months ago+1760

    A video sponsored by Wish and in the same video you get sweaters by SimplyNailogical, who has spoken out against Wish. How ironic.

  • Laura Ballard
    Laura Ballard 11 months ago+181

    Rob, you ruined that lovely wood floor.... :(
    The stickers are cute for views, but God I hope they come off clean.

  • Mackenzie Duran
    Mackenzie Duran 11 months ago+61

    Bet if he wasn’t sponsored he would talk so bad about half of these 😂

  • Ms Maple
    Ms Maple 11 months ago+162

    Okay the googly eyes made me laugh. Get off their back about wish.

  • l o w k e y
    l o w k e y 11 months ago+22

    Its been 14 hours and you still have an ad in the video.
    *slow claps*

  • Happy Syrup
    Happy Syrup 11 months ago+53

    Rob being wholesome isnt for you. It scares me.
    Even corinne seems concerned

  • Gabby gabbyrocker8
    Gabby gabbyrocker8 11 months ago+270

    Okay my input in the pregnancy conspiracies is that they are soooo ridiculous and I feel like a majority of you missed the first joke. In the background you hear her say “oh that’s strong” and then it cuts to her dumping it out, and pretending she didn’t when rob looked. Can’t it be possible that she just didn’t like it? And where do people get off thinking that a couple needs to have children to be happy? Maybe the don’t want children and are happy (because having children isn’t and doesn’t make you a “family “ and isn’t a qualification to do so.) Can’t we respect that maybe they don’t want or can’t have children and just enjoy their content?!!! RANT Over ☕️

  • Madison Austin
    Madison Austin 11 months ago+36


  • Ms. Tart
    Ms. Tart 11 months ago+72

    Just watching Rob put these things all over the house makes me think "Corinne is gon be pissed" lol glad she wasn't tho.

  • Ava_falynn 0720
    Ava_falynn 0720 11 months ago+1843

    I feel awful that the demonetization problem has gotten so bad that they have to accept sponsorships from wish😔😔 you can also tell how hard the were trying to keep it perfectly pg and they didn’t seem themselves. Sorry rob and Corrine I hope it gets better soon 😕

  • Rae H
    Rae H 11 months ago+133

    Why don't you guys open a Patreon?