Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey - Launch Trailer - Nintendo 3DS



  • TruMario
    TruMario 7 months ago+685

    I love this game but they skipped Partners in Time. 😣.

  • Heracross X
    Heracross X 7 months ago+475

    0:17 Fun Fact: The woman wasn’t just talking about the Toad infected with the Blorbs, but about inflation in general.

  • Gren
    Gren 7 months ago+465

    Yo is that the watch mojo lady

  • Mario17h1
    Mario17h1 7 months ago+254

    It's nice and all, but still kinda want a new Mario and Luigi RPG game, not another remake. Still gonna buy this one, though

  • 『GoldLink364』
    『GoldLink364』 7 months ago+195

    S H O W T I M E.

  • MP64
    MP64 7 months ago+208

    Mario And Luigi Bowser's Inside Story>Mario U Deluxe

  • Nan0SMM?
    Nan0SMM? 7 months ago+383

    "This Mysterious bean thing"
    Fawful has FURY!!!

  • awesomejf03
    awesomejf03 7 months ago+748

    Here before people comment: When's Nintendo Direct?

  • Zebra Gamer
    Zebra Gamer 7 months ago+430

    Having lots of fun today between this and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. :D

  • okey
    okey 7 months ago+277

    Yeah cool and all but why did you skip partners in time

  • DatBoi FaCeBjEr
    DatBoi FaCeBjEr 7 months ago+189

    Make a wario and waluigi game
    Edit:Thank you guys for the likes
    I never got over 20 likes on a comment

  • M e l l i o
    M e l l i o 7 months ago+44

    Me: Looks at Nintendo switch online

  • Starberry Sparkler
    Starberry Sparkler 7 months ago+127

    "Mysterious bean thing"? I mean, he was in SS/DX and PiT too so...

  • Yeah I'm dead
    Yeah I'm dead 7 months ago+78

    Oh my gosh, I forgot this was coming out... The original BIS was literally my life...
    "limitless chortles" I see what you did there...

  • Switch
    Switch 7 months ago+81

    "That's...that's just wrong"

  • Jonas Elsner
    Jonas Elsner 7 months ago+91

    PLEASE bring a new mario & luigi for switch. I love this games but on switch it would be gorgeous

  • 『GoldLink364』
    『GoldLink364』 7 months ago+124

    Oh I forgot this releases today
    Maybe this time I'll be able to beat Dark Bowser.

  • awesomejf03
    awesomejf03 7 months ago+354

    Still waiting for new Animal Crossing trailer

  • _TheRook _IF
    _TheRook _IF 7 months ago+44

    Bowser Jr's adventure? I can hear the Wendy players already

  • Villager of SmashVille
    Villager of SmashVille 7 months ago+36

    "Mysterious Bean Thing"
    Talk about disrespect towards Fawful.