• Published on:  3/8/2019
  • I surprised David and Natalie with their favorite hometown fast food from Chicago, Portillo's!!MY NEW MERCH►► PODCAST ► to David's Channel ► check out some of best videos: Zane is Cool ► Natalie ► vs Stamos ► Tour Video ► Ruins Our Vacation ► TO MY FAMILY CHANNEL ► TO THIS CHANNEL ►► ► ►@Jason23nashTWITTER► MOVIES: JASON NASH IS MARRIED ► ►fmlthemovie.comPostmates Code: W7WCI (get $10 in delivery credit!)


  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash  5 months ago+309

    Thanks for checking out today's vlog!! If you haven't heard, I dropped my new merch line RWID recently! Check it out at

  • Juuu B
    Juuu B 5 months ago+1706

    Joe's ability to say no to food is something my fat self can't relate to

  • Bree Respress
    Bree Respress 5 months ago+728

    Jason’s habit of saying “I love you.” Is a beautiful and great habit to have.

  • C 155
    C 155 5 months ago+581

    You know Jason’s a dad because he keeps trying to get people to try/eat food

  • Eduardo Verastica
    Eduardo Verastica 5 months ago+334

    12:47 Natalie said hiccup when she hiccuped LOL

  • kitty3kitty
    kitty3kitty 5 months ago+266

    I love that everyone just passes around Jason’s camera hahahaahha

  • Alli Schultz
    Alli Schultz 5 months ago+206

    Every time Jason laughs my dog goes crazy because she thinks its a squeaky toy.

  • ZeeTriX
    ZeeTriX 5 months ago+89

    i love the unfiltered family time feeling Jason's videos have, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

  • K
    K 5 months ago+77

    Jason’s teapot laugh is THE BEST!! ☕️🤣🤣😂😂💀💀

  • Kevin Bolsajian
    Kevin Bolsajian 5 months ago+38

    Jason is the dad, David is the teen soon, Natalie is the mother, and Joe is the weird brother

  • Pourya Bigonah
    Pourya Bigonah 5 months ago+1412

    David´s excitement over fast food is the most relatable thing I´ve ever seen.

  • Alice
    Alice 5 months ago+136

    'this year has been the worst' THE SHADE

  • Natalia Marcinkiewicz
    Natalia Marcinkiewicz 5 months ago+54

    2:44 Jason breaks and turns into a kettle :))

  • Casey and Breelyn
    Casey and Breelyn  5 months ago+77

    omg I love david, but the way he eats annoys me so much lmfaoo. I think it's because he mostly chews with his mouth open 😂

  • Niel
    Niel 5 months ago+20

    At 12:48 you can hear Natalie hiccup sounds like she saying hiccup. its like in david vlogs😂

  • celestial moon
    celestial moon 5 months ago+920

    Natalie seems hella chill all the time. Love that

  • Diana Chavez
    Diana Chavez 5 months ago+25

    Joe: can’t have food because it’ll affect him
    Also Joe: does mukbangs where he stuffs himself with an absurd amount of food

  • Ines Guillaume
    Ines Guillaume 5 months ago+28

    17:20 bingo bongo theres a bong in david's kitchen cabinet

  • The Ozz
    The Ozz 2 months ago+11

    Who else sees David’s bong in the backround😂

  • daniel lee
    daniel lee 5 months ago+20

    Jason ive gotten 6 condom ads so far and im currently 10 minutes into the video