Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - More Fighters, More Battles, More Fun - Nintendo Switch



  • Yordi
    Yordi 9 months ago+1377

    The inkling has this logo permently burned into her iris

  • Just Codebreaker
    Just Codebreaker 8 months ago+1973

    it all started cause Mario Wanted to beat up Yoshi For no reason

  • Nathan Trinh
    Nathan Trinh 8 months ago+884

    Disney: "We have the most ambitious cross-over event in history." Shows Infinity War
    Nintendo: "Hold my beer" Shows Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    Disney: ....."take it back" Shows Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer
    Nintendo: "We're releasing our cross-over before you"
    Disney: "Oh if you look at that! Let's move the Endgame trailer to EXACTLY THE SAME DAY AS YOUR RELEASE DATE"
    Nintendo: "We bought the rights to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series"
    Disney: Turns to Sony "Hurry up and make the next Spider-Man game"

  • Lollol339 Bleh
    Lollol339 Bleh 8 months ago+482

    Don’t stop me nooooow
    I’m having such a good time
    I’m having a ball

  • Diamond Butter
    Diamond Butter 8 months ago+428

    Someone at Nintendo just got a big promotion

  • reee mcgee
    reee mcgee 8 months ago+268

    Infinity War + Smash Ultimate = the whole population wiped out
    Thanos killed the first half and Sakurai killed the second half

  • Diamond Butter
    Diamond Butter 8 months ago+78

    They made this without music in purpose.
    They are testing the power of the community

  • Tipped Terror
    Tipped Terror 8 months ago+112

    0:14 world of light reference???

  • Bake
    Bake 8 months ago+219

    4.9k Who disliked had there dogs pisd in their GameCubes when they were little

  • Joziah2
    Joziah2 9 months ago+685

    Poor Inkling. The Smash Logo was so bright that it's permanently burnt into her retinas.

  • Yung Link
    Yung Link 8 months ago+181

    More Fighters
    More Battles
    More Fun
    Nintendo Switch Online

  • joeslickback
    joeslickback 8 months ago+115

    "Something's gone wrong in the happy go lucky world of Nintendo"

  • Sebas Ortega
    Sebas Ortega 8 months ago+204

    This better be good, I’m buying a Nintendo switch just for this

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive 8 months ago+63

    Everyone Else: Enjoying Smash Ultimate
    Waluigi: Still catching up on his literature

  • Nuter Buter
    Nuter Buter 9 months ago+1122

    And it all started from Mario tripping Yoshi

  • Flowey The Flower
    Flowey The Flower 1 months ago+17

    Something’s gone wrong in the Happy-Go-Lucky world of Nintendo!

  • DolphinChris
    DolphinChris 8 months ago+144

    put the video on 2x speed
    its melee

  • frenzymee
    frenzymee 8 months ago+33

    One hit KO for Donkey kong? BANNED

  • AJ Johnson
    AJ Johnson 8 months ago+32

    So what I'm still trying to process is how 4.9 thousand people can dislike this video. Why?

  • Treeskrub
    Treeskrub 9 months ago+1100

    I know this isn't your first time watching