Get Ready For The Old Spice Foam Zone | Old Spice

  • Published on:  9/6/2018
  • First in, last out...of the shower, Von Miller knows what it takes to win. And in this case, it takes imagining the Old Spice Foam Zone: a foam-covered game show where contestants compete in a two-day event live on the internet and the viewers have control. That’s what it takes to win, and Von knows it too, so that's why he did that—so he could win. You should tune in September 17th and 18th to see how winners think things and how those things become real-life game shows you can control.Shop Old Spice Foamer: More Manly Stuff: Subscribe to our YouTube:


  • Toaster Strooder
    Toaster Strooder 11 months ago+15

    This company's marketing people have some of the darndest ideas and I love them for it.

  • Ashnion The Salty
    Ashnion The Salty 11 months ago+4

    Let’s put Terry Crews in as the Final Boss where he’s so manly people die.

  • Timothys-Fraud! The_Viktor_Main

    we need Doom Fist Old Spice

  • Brian Morton
    Brian Morton 11 months ago+1

    It looks cool and everything but what's the point I don't get what the point of the game is and how to play?

  • Cyle Jackson
    Cyle Jackson 11 months ago+1

    I think the Terry Crews ones are better

  • Michael Meisberger
    Michael Meisberger 11 months ago

    This ad tells me nothing. What IS foam? Shaving cream? Girly body wash, Magical mystery foam?

  • Shiney VonHoodlehauser
    Shiney VonHoodlehauser 11 months ago

    In germany they refer to it as "Old Scheiss"... which I found odd because more than half the nation could use it.

  • G0OF
    G0OF 11 months ago+5

    Oh oldspice, you dont know what youve done. A mainstream company livestreaming on twitch, haha goodluck

  • Joann Monkey
    Joann Monkey 11 months ago+1

    That is super cute!

  • Bikergirl120 Rider
    Bikergirl120 Rider 11 months ago

    Out of curiosity. But is this really happening?

  • Fort Blocks
    Fort Blocks 11 months ago+12

    Wait, is this a real thing now? The description makes me think it is.

  • robert smith
    robert smith 11 months ago+1


  • Sun-Hee Sasaki
    Sun-Hee Sasaki 11 months ago


  • Haiik
    Haiik 10 months ago

    The animation looks like Danganronpa

  • Noam Pitlik
    Noam Pitlik 11 months ago


  • Frank Varela
    Frank Varela 11 months ago+6

    Why is Old Spice dealing with this kneeler. I would have cancelled his contract if I was them. Use a baseball player

  • 共产党
    共产党 11 months ago


  • cadegs
    cadegs 11 months ago+1

    Cough* were do I sign up *cough

  • ted pollock
    ted pollock 11 months ago+4

    The hunger games, but instead of killing people it is just who can get the most old spice in two days

  • Isabelle Liegeois
    Isabelle Liegeois 11 months ago