My mom’s FRIEND is a DEMON

  • Published on:  2/15/2020
  • Hi, everybody! My name is Helen, and I’m gonna tell you about a mystical story that happened to me.

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    Our family is not a religious one even though we visit сhurch on Sundays. It’s like a spiritual social club. In real life, my parents are more like skeptics and atheists. So, I was taught to listen to myself and believe in my own powers. You know, God may not hear you but if you try and work by yourself, it’ll bear fruits.

    But I knew the Holy Bible pretty well. I even took part in a church choir when I was in a primary school. I’m well versed in the Heaven vs Hell concept but I’ve always doubted the existence of demons living with us in the same world… Till THAT happened.

    Well, my mom had a friend. She wasn’t bad, no. She was a fashionable woman with a glam cut and she has never come to our place empty-handed. She always came to visit us bringing some sweets and toys for me and I should have been happy about that but...I don’t know. Maybe it was a kind of intuition, but mom’s another friend, Mary, always came up empty-handed, and I was glad to share my successes with her. The one thing I’ve ever wanted to do when Natalie came to visit us was to hide despite her smile and gifts.

    I don’t know when my mom met her. When I was 15, she suddenly appeared in our kitchen drinking her tea and talking on fashion magazines. And the problems came to our house later. First, they were like little rough housings - we started coming late to anywhere, my dad spiked the wheel, I caught a cold right before the vocal recital. Our hardware kept breaking regularly and even the very new stuff collapsed a couple of days after Natalie’s visit.

    But then, it got serious. My parents who loved each other like they’ve just met started arguing out of blue. My boyfriend suddenly broke up with me even though he has been crazy about me for a long time. He just gone mad and left me alone. There was an unhealthy atmosphere in our house.

    Unknowingly, I became a part of scandals because I couldn’t take one’s side and kept trying to prove them that they still love each other. We ceased to live in a normal way. My parents started thinking about divorce while Natalie literally moved to our kitchen. She was there almost every day giving some advice to my mom.

    And one day, THAT happened. I came back home after my rehearsal (just a reminder: I’m studying vocal, I want to be a singer) and messed up with my shoelaces in the corridor taking off my shoes. Natalie was sitting in the kitchen drinking her tea and eating pancakes. And… There’s a mirror in our corridor, it reflects the kitchen and those who gathered around the table.

    At one moment, Natalie stared at me through the mirror. And the following was like a scene from the horror movie. Her face started turning into… I can’t find words to explain that. It turned into an ugly horned muzzle full of throbbing veins...Yuk. I feel goosebumps right now remembering that.