All 30 NBA Team Name Origins Explained

  • Published on:  5/5/2018
  • This video explains the nickname origins for all 30 NBA teams. The name origin for each team is a little different and are part of NBA history. Some of the teams included in the video are the Sixers, Warriors, Celtics, Cavs, Rockets, and Jazz.LIKE & SUBSCRIBEMy Channel: Twitter: Found Here


  • 1MFilms
    1MFilms a years ago+2280

    How did your NBA team get its name?
    spoiler = probably from a naming contest

  • Schnell
    Schnell 2 months ago+483

    who da fook thought “swamp dragons” would be a good name for a team 😂

  • SoViEt UnIoN
    SoViEt UnIoN 2 months ago+372

    Imagine the Phoenix dudes vs the Orlando Juice

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 3 months ago+356

    Only the knicks organization would name their team after a pair of pants

  • SleepyFigure
    SleepyFigure 3 months ago+226


  • DatVince
    DatVince a years ago+1753

    I thought Boston were named the Celtics due to their significant Irish population.

  • ImAYinzer
    ImAYinzer 6 months ago+46

    Hey whats your favorite NBA Team
    The Boston Unicorns

  • Shk 1816
    Shk 1816 8 months ago+220

    The Los Angeles Homeless and the Washington liars

  • Spencer Cohen
    Spencer Cohen 3 months ago+96

    New Orleans Brass sound pretty legit

  • dablk man
    dablk man 2 months ago+51

    Hope New Orleans get the name Jazz back

  • Daniel Kennedy
    Daniel Kennedy a years ago+1245

    Why did so many teams wanna be called express

  • JPL Toy Experience
    JPL Toy Experience 3 months ago+42

    Imagine this:
    Miami Sharknados

  • Jay P.
    Jay P. 6 months ago+49

    Introducing..The New York Pants professional basketball club

  • BklynE12
    BklynE12 2 months ago+53

    0:10 HAWKS
    0:31 CELTICS
    0:49 NETS
    1:10 HORNETS
    1:40 BULLS
    1:55 CAVS
    2:08 MAVERICKS
    2:22 NUGGETS
    2:39 PISTONS
    3:02 WARRIORS
    3:19 ROCKETS
    3:38 PACERS
    3:57 CLIPPERS
    4:11 LAKERS
    4:29 GRIZZLES
    4:55 HEAT
    5:11 BUCKS
    5:48 PELICANS
    6:08 KNICKS
    6:32 THUNDER
    6:50 MAGIC
    7:14 76ers
    7:25 SUNS
    7:49 BLAZERS
    8:12 KINGS
    8:24 SPURS
    8:50 RAPTORS
    9:08 JAZZ
    9:27 WIZARDS

  • ian mukunya
    ian mukunya 8 months ago+41

    The sixers have the most meaningful and noble name of the 30 teams.

  • JPL Toy Experience
    JPL Toy Experience 3 months ago+51

    When I think of the LA Clippers the image that comes to my mind is a nail clipper

  • ItsBigL21
    ItsBigL21 7 months ago+27

    I don't care if it's the state bird, New Orleans Pelicans is by far the worst name in the league. The brass would've been a lot cooler

  • Sanderus
    Sanderus 8 months ago+12

    Miami Beaches would have been the worst team name in the history of the Earth and nearby planets :D

  • King Nix
    King Nix 6 months ago+22

    Minnesota Blizzard would’ve been cool

  • Cassie. M
    Cassie. M 4 months ago+18

    I could never purchase a jersey that said “SKUNKS” on it. 😂😂