Designing a tiny home to orbit the Moon

  • Published on:  9/7/2018
  • NASA wants to build another space station — except this one won’t live in a close orbit around Earth. Instead, it will be sent into deep space to orbit around the moon and then someday…Mars. Within the last year, NASA has begun planning for a much smaller astronaut outpost, a new destination dubbed the Gateway. The idea is for this space station to serve as a place for astronauts to live and train for excursions to and from the lunar surface. In this episode of Space Craft, Loren Grush heads to Lockheed Martin to visit a mockup of one of these space habitats and see what living in it might actually feel like. Subscribe: The Verge on Facebook: on Twitter: on Instagram: More: http://www.theverge.comCommunity guidelines: to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science:


  • The Verge
    The Verge  11 months ago+38

    What would be the most challenging part of living in a deep space habitat?

  • Sybrand Botes
    Sybrand Botes 11 months ago+123

    This tiny home trend is getting out of hand.

  • The Brawler
    The Brawler 11 months ago+212

    4:10 Didn't know Ryan Reynolds was a engineer at Lockheed Martin.

  • René Moncayo
    René Moncayo 11 months ago+100

    The Japanese could help with their capsule hotels

  • WideTubeVision4
    WideTubeVision4 11 months ago+46

    I already live in a small room on earth because the rents are too high .

  • Schrader
    Schrader 11 months ago+30

    4:28 - Why? The sweat isn't gonna drip down.

  • Fraser Manley
    Fraser Manley 11 months ago+40

    Easy invest in SpaceX and orbit a BFR. It looks spacious enough to keep the majority of people sane.

  • Galactro
    Galactro 11 months ago+84


  • Windkisssed
    Windkisssed 11 months ago+14

    Hahahaha I love the closing! “Just like in all Real Estate, it’s all about LOCATION”!! Perfect!!,

  • Harmon Wood
    Harmon Wood 3 months ago+5

    It's taken NASA ten years to re-engineer and upgrade a capsule that they originally designed and built from scratch in five years. So, your current crop of "ash-i-nauts" MAY get to check out "the little house at the moon" as part of their retirement party.

  • Machsus Romadhon
    Machsus Romadhon 9 months ago+4

    She is so lovely, i definitely would go to the moon with her... 😁

  • Chris Horianopoulos
    Chris Horianopoulos 11 months ago+28

    This project is a waste of resources. Mars direct and Moon Direct are the efficient ways to go. Deep gateway is a complete waste and will take away from Moon and Mars.

  • Jonathan F
    Jonathan F 1 months ago+1

    Perhaps we could recycle/retrofit part of the ISS. I mean, isn't the ISS gonna be decommissioned in 4 years anyway?

  • nothing truly real
    nothing truly real 11 months ago+2

    One room Tin can with a toilet shared with three other people?
    Sounds like County Jail to me

  • Prometheus 18562
    Prometheus 18562 10 months ago+3

    I officially hate NASA's thinking.

  • zapfanzapfan
    zapfanzapfan 11 months ago+24

    Lunar Gateway, when you don't have the money and the will to really go to the Moon but still want to spend money...

  • naquto
    naquto 11 months ago+6

    thats so uselles and funny... A ,,tiny can that keeps you alive" is not our era.Our era is modern big space ships like BFR,not this.Just a waste o time and money,they could just help spacex and they will have a mars station,a moon station and a lot of other things

  • Lyle
    Lyle 3 months ago+5

    What happens if the bathroom breaks?
    ..... What if it breaks on the way to mars

  • S. Hofmann
    S. Hofmann 10 months ago+1

    You are alone in your Habitat around the moon.
    The Radar and Sensors shows nothing, no craft near your Habitat.
    Then someone knocks on the door.

  • j4d3 goat
    j4d3 goat 3 months ago+2

    I'm rooting for *Bigelow!* They have habitats in a range of sizes (including a *huge* one) and they're *inflatable* so they'd be quite fast and easy to set up!
    They would be my choice for not just the lunar orbiting station but a *moon base* too!