Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms - Final Trailer

  • Published on:  9/4/2018
  • In theaters November 2nd.

    All Clara (Mackenzie Foy) wants is a key – a one-of-a-kind key that will unlock a box that holds a priceless gift. A golden thread, presented to her at godfather Drosselmeyer’s (Morgan Freeman) annual holiday party, leads her to the coveted key—which promptly disappears into a strange and mysterious parallel world. It’s there that Clara encounters a soldier named Phillip (Jayden Fowora-Knight), a gang of mice and the regents who preside over three Realms: Land of Snowflakes, Land of Flowers and Land of Sweets. Clara and Phillip must brave the ominous Fourth Realm, home to the tyrant Mother Ginger (Helen Mirren), to retrieve Clara’s key and hopefully return harmony to the unstable world. Starring Keira Knightley as the Sugar Plum Fairy, Disney’s new holiday feature film “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” is directed by Lasse Hallström and Joe Johnston, and inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s classic tale.



  • Athenaspinklighning Gamer

    I do't care what everyone says, this movie doesn't look bad.

  • Kevin Howard
    Kevin Howard 18 hours ago

    Disney worst disaster of the year. It made about 1/10th its budget back. This movie is like Gods of Egypt all over again.

  • hiitoast242
    hiitoast242 yesterday

    It was luckily a decent movie when I drove my cousins to watch it. 6/10 could be better.

  • Eddie Kaspbrak Wearing a Flower Crown

    is anyone else actually in love with that 4th realm or am i the only one lol

  • Val Gal
    Val Gal yesterday

    This comment section is exactly why I think adults these days should stay away from anything kid related.
    It’s getting childish at this point.

  • David Liederman
    David Liederman yesterday

    I find this trailer extremely offensive as it does not include all vibrant, colorful and valuable members of the modern society! Why none of main characters are LGBTIQMZFKR+? Where are Muslims? Why only Russians are bad? - what about Chinese and North Korean communists and Jewish settlers!? This movie manifests itself as a scandalous example of White cultural supremacy, racism and all the bad in our World! Arise all good people of the world! Give it rotten tomatoes and artistic Molotov cocktails as it deserves!

  • Peem Bot
    Peem Bot 2 days ago+1

    Matthew Mcconaughey should do Uncle Tom then.

  • Peem Bot
    Peem Bot 2 days ago

    Since when Drosselmeyer has become a negro?

  • Nana Mama
    Nana Mama 2 days ago

    Dear commenters:
    1) "Nutcracker" is not originally a Russian story. It's a German story adapted to a ballet by a Russian composer; even so, as far as I understand, names of the characters have not been changed in the libretto, so it's still a German story.
    2) This movie is not set in Russia, anyway.
    Have a nice day.

  • kuramasan
    kuramasan 2 days ago

    Now that I’m FINALLY in the Christmas mood to see a movie like this, it’s no longer in my theatre. 8/ bleh. Your timing was horrible. Maybe I’ll get to see it next Christmas.

  • Kawaii Kids
    Kawaii Kids 2 days ago

    I seen the movie 2 times and it's great

  • SusieQ
    SusieQ 2 days ago

    Lost me when I saw Clara dressed up as the Nutcracker. Most kids will see this as the definitive version of "The Nutcracker". Too bad they just couldn't have done the original story. That would have been a big plenty.

  • Дмитрий Морозов

    OMG!!!!!! They put the Pokrovsky Cathedral from Moscow in the film!!!!

  • The grinch
    The grinch 3 days ago

    I came here cause I heard people saying grinch

  • andy abraham
    andy abraham 3 days ago

    Welp the nut cracker is gonna crack 4 of the realms nuts Lelll

  • Calita Manu
    Calita Manu 3 days ago

    White people finally claiming they originally from Europe LOL

  • actually basicallystic

    this movie is just bad. it's not because of politics, just that the plot is crumbled and everything seems fake and....like...strange in a bad way. but this film has a nice palette and picture anyway - so if you want to see something pretty but not very deep - go for it!!!

  • Ivan Kalazic
    Ivan Kalazic 3 days ago

    oh noo.. not another Disney princess

  • InSky
    InSky 3 days ago

    Are there allusions on fem-biotrash? And where are be@ners at film?

  • InSky
    InSky 3 days ago

    Nutcracker is a nigga? Fuck this shit, I will not watch this. You're going crazy with your fucking diversity. They did not even live in Europe when it was written.