Bow Wow ft. Mike Jones - Fresh Az I'm Iz (Official Video)

  • Published on:  10/25/2009
  • Bow Wow's official music video for 'Fresh Az I'm Iz' ft. Mike Jones. Click to listen to Bow Wow on Spotify: featured on Wanted. Click to buy the track or album viaiTunes: Play: From Bow WowLike You: Me Hold You: Like Mine: great Classic RnB videos here: Bow WowFacebook: to Bow Wow on YouTube: I was 8 I was rhymin' not back yard game playin'Watchin' Snoop anxiously and waitin' for my chance manHot and cocky wit it cause I know that I am manI'm goin' down in history like American Band StandI stay fresh to def like the neighborhood dope manI stay on the top cause I keep comin' wit dough manU steady watchin' steady but there ain't no hope manU dealin' wit somethin' bigger than the US openAnd ain't no jokin'Fresh like fatlaces and dukey ropes and I keep on smokin'Young but I'm ready so that means I'm strokin'if you pet me now days girl a dawg is soakin'Addicted to it JD say I got it bad18 nigga makin' more than yo dad (see)They think they doin' it but I'ma out do emIf you know somebody like that pull up and say to emYe ain't ridin' (ye ain't ridin')Ye ain't bumpin' like I'm bumpin'Ye ain't sayin' nothing homieYe ain't fresh azimizYe ain't got it (ye ain't got it)You don't keep it thuggin' like I keep it thuggin'Lil buddy you ain't fresh azimiz#BowWow#FreshAzImIz#Vevo


  • Keilow
    Keilow 7 months ago+1272

    Bow had the hits when he had the braids he cut em n lost it... it was like the braids gave em powers lol 😂😂🤣

  • Micah D.B
    Micah D.B 7 months ago+1803

    2019 anyone?

  • wylinondaisland
    wylinondaisland 4 days ago+41

    Lot of people don’t kno this is a Lil Romeo diss track

  • RockCanadian
    RockCanadian 14 days ago+102

    This song will forever be dedicated to my little brother up in heaven. Love you bro <3

    HUH WHAT 4 days ago+27

    Anybody else hear JD and J-Kwon in the hook?

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen 6 months ago+110

    U gotta give DA BRAT. Credit for writing a lot of bow wows hits!!! She was a genius!!!

  • sibusiso ndimande
    sibusiso ndimande 3 months ago+61

    Mike Jones is actually better than todays rappers... our standards have really decreased.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 3 months ago+60

    The new generation will never understand bow wow from literally child rapper to young man rapper..bow had the hittts that was very much the tone of this time’s unfortunate that today’s reception of him doesn’t reflect his career back in the early and mid 2000s

  • royalbangal101
    royalbangal101 3 years ago+1380

    Baggy clothes era, miss those days.

  • Christian Barrett
    Christian Barrett yesterday+8

    Once this dude cut those braids off everything went down for him and he has potential. Those braids gave him power. 😂😂

  • 🎵🎶
    🎵🎶 6 days ago+8

    Aww he was supposed to blow! He had swag before a lot of the people who claim to have had it first and Bow was a child! SMH people should respect him wow. 👑 @bowwow #bowwow

  • CeeCeeByas
    CeeCeeByas 8 months ago+214

    That moment you realize Erica Mena is in this video lol.

  • FMF Pittsburgh Music
    FMF Pittsburgh Music 9 months ago+224

    He rarely said curse words that’s what I liked about his music

  • Jose Sierra
    Jose Sierra 7 months ago+118

    Like 🙋‍♂️ if u 👀👂 this jam january 2019

  • Prince Fallambu
    Prince Fallambu 6 months ago+71

    If u still ❤️ bow wow hit the like.2019

  • noah jones
    noah jones yesterday+9

    you can hear J Kwons voice on the hook but he didn't get his credits :(

  • Ms Me
    Ms Me yesterday+3

    "Bow fall off, that"ll be nevaaa"😂😂😂 Just wait 5 years buddy.

  • esyaboiii
    esyaboiii 3 years ago+1495

    I swear this video had me walking around with tin foil wrapped around my teeth thinking I had grillz as a kid.................

  • Rey Castillo
    Rey Castillo 2 months ago+63

    That's J-Kwon's voice in the background coo

  • Twahan Simultaneous
    Twahan Simultaneous 2 days ago+2

    Dropped the "lil" in hopes of a growing spurt.