Not Super Safe...

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Demo Ranch video explaining everything!!!
    Get your Airsoft here!!!

    To help answer som FAQs
    My main camera
    The Drone I Use
    GoPro Hero5
    GoPro Session
    The Best Tripod

    Smacking you with a fresh daily episode every 3 days or so.........



  • 내 말 좀 들어
    내 말 좀 들어 16 days ago

    I don’t know why they clicked on this video hehe

  • Daniel Chai
    Daniel Chai 25 days ago

    I thought that was the awesome AR and then you said airsoft. Awesome gun

    JAILEE A WILSON 29 days ago


  • hypickleNOlag
    hypickleNOlag 29 days ago

    *"Get dat bucket!"*

  • Konner Bailey
    Konner Bailey a months ago

    I've had infintigo

  • Tiny Butterfly
    Tiny Butterfly 1 months ago

    Why does your wife always look so misrable and not talkative? Just wondering

  • BuildsByGideon
    BuildsByGideon 1 months ago

    Augh Matt use your freaking hopup on your airsoft rifle

  • Garth Brooks
    Garth Brooks 1 months ago


  • Matthew Macdonald
    Matthew Macdonald 1 months ago

    10:42 there’s 2 suns

  • imprisoned Communist
    imprisoned Communist 1 months ago+1

    0:43 annie upskirt

  • Luke Hurley
    Luke Hurley 1 months ago

    9:55 ... Literally every thunderstorm in North Carolina

  • Noah Sapp
    Noah Sapp 1 months ago

    I touched her butt👍🏻😂

  • Evan Dodds
    Evan Dodds 1 months ago

    Your family and videos are so heartwarming to me your either my first or second favorite idol

  • Luis Gil Gil
    Luis Gil Gil 1 months ago


  • who is this boy?????
    who is this boy????? 1 months ago

    He should make a new channel called MusicRanch

  • The Poof Plays
    The Poof Plays 1 months ago+1

    4:24 i touched her butt

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty 1 months ago

    A crimp? Never heard of it. Down here we call it a kink.

  • glyn watkins
    glyn watkins 1 months ago

    hahahha go Lync

  • Jordan Human a
    Jordan Human a 1 months ago

    Dozer was looking for water too 🤣😂😅

  • Avery Lawler
    Avery Lawler 1 months ago

    4:24 I touched her butt 🤪😜😝😛😝😜🤪😜😝😛