Here's How Captain Marvel Will Totally Mess Up MCU Continuity

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Captain Marvel will turn the entire MCU's timeline upside down! Subscribe to our channel: Marvel is set to hit theaters in just a few months, and with her will come the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, at what cost? How will Carol Danver’s entry into the MCU affect all that has come before, its past canon?Stick around and we will dive into all the possible changes that she may leave in her wake, including changes to character’s origins, and the possible continuity breaking meeting between Skrull agents, and Hydra sympathizers in the heart of S.H.I.E.L.D. itself.Featuring: Place in the Timeline Origins Korath Hail Hydra Check out these other awesome videos!Marvel Theory: Did Odin Collect All The Infinity Stones FIRST? - Times Comic Book Movies Genuinely Shocked Fans - Social Media: Website


  • MIKE HALO5 9 months ago

    Well not that far back. Did you forget Captain America The First Avenger?

  • Corban Blake 9 months ago

    @Sherry Armstrong That was horrifically inaccurate.

  • Sp33d Demon 9 months ago

    This video is a joke lol.

  • Bryan 4 months ago

    @LumpRee It's always the people who will never accomplish a thing in their life who are the biggest critics

  • nicolau alex Good one

  • Liam Khan 9 months ago

    Dude Coulson had his Memory wiped, that’s why he didn’t remember.

  • Blazing Ocean 3 months ago

    We can confirmed that Coulson didn't interacted with Kree in Captain Marvel. But he also had a weird reaction when he knew Daisy was gonna get Kree blood in her veins. Lol

  • The Pun-Isher 9 months ago

    Here’s how Screen Rant will totally mess up all their credibility

  • Ezra Sitt 9 months ago

    The first point invalidates itself. Captain Marvel isn't the first MCU film taking place before Iron Man, Captain America: The First Avenger literally takes place in the 40s during WWII, 50 years before even Captain Marvel. The thing with Nick Fury's backstory isn't really a continuity issue because the comic backstory was never cannon in the MCU to begin with. And the same can be said for Korath the Pursuer, while he had a comic book origin, that story was never confirmed in either the films or shows.

  • John Paolo Mampusti 9 months ago

    Yep. Just googled it, most of the first tie-in comics (including spies like us) aren't considered canon anymore. Only the film prelude comics and a few others are canon in the MCU.

  • ElricBro 9 months ago

    Firstly, the MCU is not beholden to the comic book tie insSecondly all of these issues are moot considering we don’t know what’s going to happen..Thirdly who cares

  • Brighton Palmer 9 months ago

    I was the 420th like :,)

  • Brickbusters 9 months ago

    Wolfman8012 if you include the first part but for the most part they held their ground

  • Omar Moustafa 9 months ago

    At first I liked you guys, But after a while, I started to realise how inaccurate and misleading your videos are

  • Colton Thompson 2 months ago

    This is why I only watch pitch meetings

  • Bluemaverick11 9 months ago

    What about Captain America? It takes place way before the 90s

  • Bluemaverick11 9 months ago

    @S Glover12 and saves scott?!?

  • S Glover12 9 months ago

    Muhammad Rifki Captain marvel goes to the quantum realm at the end of the movie

  • The Faculty 9 months ago

    I’m starting to suspect SR has a personal vendetta against MCU

  • Psyduk ? 8 months ago

    @The Law you're wrong, but this is America so you can wrong I guess

  • terminator rules 9 months ago

    1. When did that dude who arrested quill ever had a backstory.2. Captain America the first avenger took place back in 1942 and Captain Mavel takes place in 1990s 3. Captain Marvel will help Nova come to the marvel universe

  • moondown the face 9 months ago

    no Sam Alexander just Richard Rider, he's the original