Here's How Captain Marvel Will Totally Mess Up MCU Continuity

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Captain Marvel will turn the entire MCU's timeline upside down! Subscribe to our channel: Marvel is set to hit theaters in just a few months, and with her will come the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, at what cost? How will Carol Danver’s entry into the MCU affect all that has come before, its past canon?Stick around and we will dive into all the possible changes that she may leave in her wake, including changes to character’s origins, and the possible continuity breaking meeting between Skrull agents, and Hydra sympathizers in the heart of S.H.I.E.L.D. itself.Featuring: Place in the Timeline Origins Korath Hail Hydra Check out these other awesome videos!Marvel Theory: Did Odin Collect All The Infinity Stones FIRST? - Times Comic Book Movies Genuinely Shocked Fans - Social Media: Website


    MIKE HALO5 11 months ago+1000

    Well not that far back. Did you forget Captain America The First Avenger?

  • Sp33d Demon
    Sp33d Demon 11 months ago+570

    This video is a joke lol.

  • Liam Khan
    Liam Khan 11 months ago+503

    Dude Coulson had his Memory wiped, that’s why he didn’t remember.

  • The Pun-Isher
    The Pun-Isher 11 months ago+625

    Here’s how Screen Rant will totally mess up all their credibility

  • Ezra Sitt
    Ezra Sitt 11 months ago+489

    The first point invalidates itself. Captain Marvel isn't the first MCU film taking place before Iron Man, Captain America: The First Avenger literally takes place in the 40s during WWII, 50 years before even Captain Marvel. The thing with Nick Fury's backstory isn't really a continuity issue because the comic backstory was never cannon in the MCU to begin with. And the same can be said for Korath the Pursuer, while he had a comic book origin, that story was never confirmed in either the films or shows.

  • ElricBro
    ElricBro 11 months ago+476

    Firstly, the MCU is not beholden to the comic book tie ins
    Secondly all of these issues are moot considering we don’t know what’s going to happen..
    Thirdly who cares

  • Bluemaverick11
    Bluemaverick11 11 months ago+258

    What about Captain America? It takes place way before the 90s

  • The Faculty
    The Faculty 11 months ago+145

    I’m starting to suspect SR has a personal vendetta against MCU

  • Omar Moustafa
    Omar Moustafa 11 months ago+178

    At first I liked you guys,
    But after a while, I started to realise how inaccurate and misleading your videos are

  • terminator rules
    terminator rules 11 months ago+222

    1. When did that dude who arrested quill ever had a backstory.
    2. Captain America the first avenger took place back in 1942 and Captain Mavel takes place in 1990s
    3. Captain Marvel will help Nova come to the marvel universe

  • Matt B
    Matt B 11 months ago+129

    Agent coulson knew about the Kree he was in charge of project Tahiti that used kree blood but he got his memory of all that wiped so he didn’t know about it

  • SubdownPlayz
    SubdownPlayz 11 months ago+103

    Captain America is still the oldest hero
    (Not counting Thor he was probably not a hero at the time)

  • B-Man Beyond
    B-Man Beyond 11 months ago+53

    Captain Marvel May shake the mcu but it won’t measure up to Spider-Man’s appearance in civil war. That shook the entire fan base.

  • The Wiggles Tunes
    The Wiggles Tunes 11 months ago+131

    Is anyone here after watching the Captian Marvel trailer

  • Kevin Clapson
    Kevin Clapson 11 months ago+56

    Given that Marvel hasn't done anything to deserve being looked at as incompetent, I think it's a little early to assume that Captain Marvel is gonna wreck the MCU film continuity. If its hurts a couple associated comics than so be it.

  • Sean Baugh
    Sean Baugh 11 months ago+78

    I don't think the average person is thinking about or will even notice these things. You guys obviously have a lot of free time on your hands.

  • My penis is incredibly small, but

    I swear to god if this newbie beats thanos and not Thor I'm gonna be pissed

  • CGM Show
    CGM Show 11 months ago+13

    This is a lot of radom stuff that doesn't matter til you actually see the movie lol

  • 1298 Tomcat
    1298 Tomcat 11 months ago+10

    Stop making terrible videos 🙂

  • Hayden Marshall
    Hayden Marshall 11 months ago+2

    since when does comic books actually effect the mcu
    its the marvel CINEMATIC universe
    marvel comics are just the source material that shouldn't be classed as mcu canon