Why's A Stronger NIA Spooking Opposition? | The Debate

  • Published on:  7/15/2019
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  • Deva Jyoti
    Deva Jyoti 1 months ago+84

    Bcoz opposition wants terrorism to flourish in India.

  • A-r- T
    A-r- T 1 months ago+28

    only muslims are behind terror activities...it is their home industries...it is universal.. fact..


    owisi is worried because he is the one giving legal advice to the terror group.

  • Haritha m
    Haritha m 1 months ago+52

    What's their problem , NIA is against terrorism not against other non- Hindhu religions... They should stop to paint communal colour to it and Support Nationality..

  • Rashmi Ranjan Samantaray
    Rashmi Ranjan Samantaray 1 months ago+29

    I strongly want Republic Media not call this man Dr. Taslim Rehamani instead call him Anti-national, terrorist sympathiser Taslim Rehamani.

    INDRANIL MANDAL 1 months ago+21

    Because except BJP all other major parties thrives on anti hindu culture

  • Mukunjay yadav
    Mukunjay yadav 1 months ago+29

    Superb amit shah

  • Dev Param
    Dev Param 1 months ago+33

    it is simple, opposition parties such as khangress, cpm, tmc etc are terrorist parties! these are antinationals and anti Hindu parties! great move by Shah, HM.

  • shubhankar banerjee
    shubhankar banerjee 1 months ago+26

    Yes, owaisi group will be perturbed by strong NIA... We must remember FROM A madarsaa the cache of arms was recovered recently in unao UP

  • USR
    USR 1 months ago+16

    Abdul Razak please learn basic manners..... please..the viewers hate your behaviour

  • Ganeshkumar Gopalakrishnan

    Vaiko is a traitor who can sell anything. i am tamil i respect all languages.

  • Neil Dmello
    Neil Dmello 1 months ago+11

    A Strong NIA is whakt Bharath needs separate courts to here terror cases Judges identy should be kept confidential..Akberudin and Viko need to be kicked out of payment and Country Jai Hind...

  • venky p
    venky p 1 months ago+7

    This suvar owassi working for Pakistan !

  • lad1328
    lad1328 1 months ago+10

    its only muslim on the panal shout ,over spickover and over ,interspick to other and int let other speck🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒
    stop this mulsim to spoil good. dibate.

  • Shaik Anwar
    Shaik Anwar 1 months ago+10

    Mim paity choir hai hyedrabad olicty asad owasi choir hai akbar owsi choir hai telagnana trs paity choir hai

  • Techieonline
    Techieonline 1 months ago+6

    nobody can match the level of debate of Arnab goswamin

  • USR
    USR 1 months ago+4

    Taslim Rahmani seems to be totally ignorant national security systems in the first place and he is a panelist

  • bheema sena
    bheema sena 1 months ago+3

    What's your problem(opposition) ?

  • A-r- T
    A-r- T 1 months ago+4

    nalinbhai dont waste your time with foolish taklubhai..

  • Peter Moore
    Peter Moore 1 months ago+5

    Owaisi is an anti India person and would like to divide India again, between Muslims and Others. This crazy Religious belief of Owaisi are creating more problems than what India has.