LG G7 ThinQ review

  • Published on:  5/22/2018
  • The LG G7 ThinQ is the latest flagship smartphone from LG. The G7 features a customizable notch, quad DAC, and ultra bright LCD display. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/G5RXGsHere's a link to buy the LG G7 ThinQ: https://amzn.to/2N9m0qzNote: we sometimes place affiliate links directly to the best deals in our video descriptions, so we may earn a commission if you buy something.Check out our full video catalog: https://goo.gl/lfcGfqVisit our playlists: https://goo.gl/94XbKxLike The Verge on Facebook: https://goo.gl/2P1aGcFollow on Twitter: https://goo.gl/XTWX61Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/7ZeLvXRead More: http://www.theverge.com


  • The Verge
    The Verge  a years ago+162

    Are you a fan of the notch?

  • Piyush kumar ANIME
    Piyush kumar ANIME a years ago+473

    Every year is restart for LG

  • Rony Mishchuk
    Rony Mishchuk a years ago+169

    I don't understand this. I understand the reviewer is different but it's the same organization so the opinions shouldn't change. If you say in the OP6 review that the notch is ok and then in this you say it's bad, that is the most blatant bias ever

  • MegF
    MegF a years ago+59

    What a negative ending to this review. So much of your view is subjective whining vs anything really wrong with the phone, so had to give a thumbs down on the review. -- I went through reviews of numerous phones and chose this camera as my top choice. Decent cameras on front and rear now. Battery from other reviews indicates that will be just fine for my usage. Have learned can use other launcher if don't like their interface. Love all the customization with all their options. -- 1. Phone Jack with good audio. Now I need better headphones to take advantage. Will also help hear music with my tinnitus because can adjust the frequencies! Very nice ability! 2. Wide angle camera allows taking photos of my horses. They are a lot wider than a person after all. I can get both cats in the video, even if they aren't sitting on top of each other. 3. Ability to rev up the brightness when outside, so I can finally see a phone screen without holding the phone up under my shirt and staring down through my bra or having to turn my back to the sun and look for shade while squinting. 4. I don't mind the notch. I like that they have the extra information on the top. 5. Loud sound from the single speaker, which is good for my aging ears and can be louder than my tinnitus. 6. Very cool that with one swipe can make a smaller image of the screen. 7. Manual options for video and photos. 8. The button for Google assistant is a neat idea, which may be handy. Plus they may allow remapping in future. 9. I don't like things on other phones, so this one doesn't have various negatives. Bixby? And hate the curved screen of the Samsungs. Some phones are also ridiculously large for an average woman's hands. The LG G7 is taller, but not as wide (and can use the smaller image version with one swipe).
    I love my LG refrigerator. I think I'll like the LG phone. I have a Samsung S3, so I can grade up once every few years. ;-)
    Plus have found phone with discount, so price is right too. They only have grey one for discount, but I plan to put a good case on the phone.

  • J C
    J C a years ago+40

    The Verge is a bunch of LG haters. The reason why the G7 will fail is because people and channels like yours that bash products rather then give honest reviews.

  • Moran Monovich
    Moran Monovich a years ago+67

    This video is more like a documentary and a not like a device review

  • Joseph Kitchen
    Joseph Kitchen a years ago+48

    I don't know what the Verge is doing but please get the regular guys to do the phone reviews because this dude I don't think the camera likes him

  • Tejas Mehta
    Tejas Mehta a years ago+198

    Extremely shabby work by Verge again. You guys really need to structure your reviews and give every single aspect of the phone proper time. Production quality won't matter if your content isn't great. This video just seemed like a rushed criticism.

  • Gavin
    Gavin a years ago+42

    My favorite phone of 2018 so far. Price is great and does a lot that other phones don't.
    All phones in 2018 have a notch for the most part. You making a point about LG having a notch is kinda dumb when everyone is doing it. You make a big deal of it too. Seems as if you trying to hard to hate this phone.

  • Wigga11YT
    Wigga11YT a years ago+33

    G7 look better than iphone x n still cheaper

  • Gregory Paul George M
    Gregory Paul George M a years ago+274

    You just hate phones with notch.. That's all.. Nothing else

  • Tien Pham
    Tien Pham a years ago+11

    1:44 The notch on the iPhone X has nothing to do with Face ID, it's there because Apple wants that bezel-less look. Even without Face ID you would still need the notch because we still have the front-facing camera, speaker, light sensor

  • 420rthur
    420rthur a years ago+180


  • L. Willis
    L. Willis a years ago+13

    The person who set up the camera lighting of this video was doing a terrible job. Why would you use Rembrandt lighting on someone who has Strabismus and put the eye that looks straight into the shadow. Due to this, it looks like the host is looking to the right to a teleprompter or something. Took me a while to realize what was going on. It would have been way better to flip the lighting. Don't get me wrong, this is in no way an offence to the host and even lighting would have been fine too. But given the situation, this is the dumbest kind of lighting they could have picked.....

  • latimado
    latimado a years ago+5

    you just hate LG's phones ! i think it's great one. you need to be objectif

  • Joel Nunez
    Joel Nunez a years ago+5

    Love the wide angle camera/Dac/and speakers. Great buy!

  • 26 Twentysix
    26 Twentysix 9 months ago+4

    Bias? Who agrees with me✋🏻hands up

  • Dan
    Dan a years ago+5

    I actually like the LG's app launcher the most out of all the launchers I've used. It let's me rearrange app icons, yet minimal unlike nova and others.

  • Mickey Sigrist
    Mickey Sigrist a years ago+3

    Didn't look like a review to me. Very few time dedicated to talk about the cameras.

    CEKROM a years ago+3

    In my opinion, the name LG G7 is enough =D