A Comic I Made In The Third Grade

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • I used to make tons of comics back when i was little. Heres one I made in 3rd grade and even sold. Also.. Im sick!! :DBRAND NEW MERCH COMING SOON: https://creatorink.com/pages/somethin...Come chat with me in Discord ► https://discordapp.com/invite/somethi...twitter ►https://twitter.com/SomethingelseYTInstagram ► https://www.instagram.com/somethingel...snapchat ►adamortizSongs used:Kevin Macleod


  • Lucha Gonzales
    Lucha Gonzales 10 months ago+5135

    Adam you are one fine piece of ass

  • xhayinaj
    xhayinaj 11 months ago+2522

    What Adam doesn’t know is that his comic book is now a hit in Sweden...

  • Fudge :V
    Fudge :V 4 months ago+727

    Crap, I think thats blood
    aDaM hAs tHe pLaUgE

  • Ollieraptor
    Ollieraptor 4 months ago+488

    Fireboy 2:return of the random test guy.

  • Juan Rivas
    Juan Rivas 4 months ago+227

    Adam:I'm siiiiiick yeah cmon Les get it Les get it!!
    * Falls on face*oooooooooof

  • Ticking Wing
    Ticking Wing 4 months ago+51

    The first pages the ones “Once upon a time there was a boy that always got picked on and shoved into lockers”
    I was like Ō3Ō... Isn’t that a reference to “Something Else”?

  • L.I.C. Animations
    L.I.C. Animations 11 months ago+531

    Fire boy and water girl! Who else knows what I’m talking about?

  • xX Crockpot Xx
    xX Crockpot Xx 4 months ago+121

    My frist comic was called the..
    And I thought it spelled “baby doctor” XD
    Edit:I was 2

  • Chris_ yt3
    Chris_ yt3 4 months ago+76

    that family picture made the book 5 stars

  • Sezi F Creations
    Sezi F Creations 2 months ago+23

    Now we need a sequel where he meets water girl!
    Also loved reading Captain Underpants as a kid.

  • Evan8623
    Evan8623 4 months ago+34

    I just realized
    That poster in the background
    Points to the song he made

  • Aqua Draws
    Aqua Draws 11 months ago+1801

    Jeez Marvel needs to step up their game

  • Spark Gabe
    Spark Gabe 4 months ago+36

    I made a comic book named:
    Cat Man [Edit:] ( I know it sounds like it’s gonna be like dog man.)


    I’m surprised u didn’t run into Jordan sweeto but also the vid or comic is pretty cool youknow FIRE BOY

  • RayNdom
    RayNdom 4 months ago+16

    My first comic was a book about flying pants :\

  • Shake Cat
    Shake Cat 2 months ago+17

    Views 2.5M
    Subscribers: 2.5M
    Perfectly Balanced As All Things Should Be

  • Sultan Sketches
    Sultan Sketches 11 months ago+2072

    Dang, this comic was an emotional rollercoaster. Much character development, many plotlines. I cried. A+ Adam, A+.

  • Daniel Rogers
    Daniel Rogers 5 months ago+18

    i love how he just felt lazy and put minimal effort but it’s still amazing

  • jacocoaco crispy
    jacocoaco crispy 2 months ago+8

    This video has the same amount of views as somethinelseyt(adam) subscriber count 2.3 million
    This is dated friday,june 14 2019

  • R.K. Force Guy
    R.K. Force Guy yesterday

    Dis comic was greajt but rip off off of super-hijro movvi.