10 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind!

  • Published on:  6/19/2013
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  • Quemma James
    Quemma James 3 years ago+1754

    "Go for the testicles"
    I didn't see how we was getting around that one...
    but, man, I was wrong, he did it XD

  • Moana Legends
    Moana Legends a years ago+2212

    That last part BLUE my mind!

  • EmOtIcOn RaBBiT
    EmOtIcOn RaBBiT a years ago+1866

    I realized that his microphone was made from tissue roll and some cloth

  • XD XP
    XD XP a years ago+731

    Remember "I got that power?"
    Well this is him now: GUCCI GANG
    Feel old yet?

  • Rex Zhao
    Rex Zhao a years ago+1093

    Its been 5 years...
    who's watching in 2018

  • Ricky Shan
    Ricky Shan 4 years ago+5651

    Tbh ryan higa is honestly the only youtuber who manages to make every single one of his videos funny and original. I swear he is the youtuber who puts the most effort into his vids--editing, script writing and characterization. Most youtubers just draft out shabby points and video themselves in front of a camera--no professional or unique editing skills. Done in 2-3 days. Ryan might take a long time but i prefer good quality over large quantity (where obviously not all is going to be great) You know a youtuber isn't that great when their content starts getting repetitive/boring. Eventually, you'll just unsuscribe. Honestly i find it really sad to see people straying from Ryan's videos. I'm not saying that all youtubers are bad, but some of them are really overrated. The reason why I respect Ryan so much is that he doesn't need to use vulgarities to make his videos funny. So many youtubers find the need to swear to get their views. And to be perfectly critical, it shows how shallow and uncreative they are, that they have to resort to foul language to make their audience laugh. A good comedian can engage the audience by sheer witty speech--no swearing needed. And that is why Ryan succeeds as a comedian.

  • Shriya
    Shriya a years ago+160

    ....And I thought you liked guys...

  • HM Kim
    HM Kim a years ago+99

    Did this guy predict exo's power???

  • Nico Nico
    Nico Nico a years ago+274

    How EXO made “power

  • Wussup
    Wussup a years ago+241

    2018 anyone..?
    Edit : that "if roses are red..." part was AMAZING
    like.. who can hate this guy..?!
    Edit 2 : Thanks for all the likes guys!!

  • Anime Weekly
    Anime Weekly 3 years ago+5670

    There is no one like you Ryan.

  • Angel Joseph
    Angel Joseph a years ago+104

    1:55 That's EXO's new song. Power

  • Cookies R us
    Cookies R us a years ago+109

    You've never been in a room with nothing in it.

  • ariwasrighthere
    ariwasrighthere 5 months ago+27

    Ryan: I got that power~~Power~~
    Exo: *shaking their heads*

  • wohenfei
    wohenfei a years ago+336


  • Cindy Sun
    Cindy Sun 3 years ago+2056

    The last one blue me away.

  • Asfand Khan
    Asfand Khan a years ago+120

    1:56 lil pump when he's making his lyrics

  • Evinator 5
    Evinator 5 a years ago+27

    To blow somones mind: Put some TNT in your mouth and light it. Mind blown.

  • 嘟嘟
    嘟嘟 a years ago+35

    exo‘s power “i got that power power”

  • verticalmvs
    verticalmvs 7 months ago+11

    1:53 "i got that power" is now really part of a song called POWER by EXO. so ryan can predict the future too