Why It's Almost Impossible to Do a Quintuple Jump | WIRED

  • Published on:  2/9/2018
  • At this year's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, we may see quad corks in Big Air Snowboarding or in Freestyle Skiing -- and we'll see quad twists and quad jumps in Figure Skating. But have we reached the limit of what's possible? To do a quad, a skater's got less than a second to turn their body four times in the air. WIRED's Robbie Gonzalez set out to find out why five...is almost impossible.

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    Why It's Almost Impossible to Do a Quintuple Jump | WIRED


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  • Viiral Puga
    Viiral Puga yesterday

    I can make it down to one word.

  • undercurrent
    undercurrent 2 days ago

    y not just jump higher?

  • kestrel374
    kestrel374 3 days ago

    Wikipedia says, and I think it is correct that " The first person to land a ratified quadruple jump in competition was Canadian Kurt Browning in 1988."

  • Andrea De Alba
    Andrea De Alba 3 days ago

    This reminds me of Disney Channels “Ice Princess”!!!

  • France
    France 5 days ago

    Anyone got good hacks for this?

  • Aleya MC
    Aleya MC 6 days ago

    Me trying to get my double “this is to hard.” Watches video no snits is harder than I thought.

  • Not a skateboarder / Spoiler: You are wrong!

    Dump all that science in the trash can! People can train their bodies to do seemingly impossible things. It's all about time and practice and some tricks.
    I'm doing spins on roller blades and I'm no where near a pro.

  • first last
    first last 9 days ago

    lmao dinhs nose was blocked bc he skates so much probably

  • Alex Prodan
    Alex Prodan 14 days ago

    What about the quad cork in tricking? Only three have ever been landed.

  • TenaciousB
    TenaciousB 15 days ago

    Hey I have played at that rink

  • God is a woman and her name is Jennie

    How about you try....
    *The triple axel?*

  • McErik2 Productions
    McErik2 Productions 16 days ago

    Ok vsauce

  • May Zhang
    May Zhang 17 days ago+1

    imagine a quintuple flip in yuri on ice tho

    EXOL KOKOBOP IS LIT 18 days ago

    Sooo yuzuru is an amazing person 😁

  • its.sophia
    its.sophia 20 days ago+1

    *Me having no experience at figure skating and can’t even roller skate*
    (Books a session at a ice rink)
    Almost ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • husky.slimess
    husky.slimess 21 days ago

    *Oml I can barely even do 2 😂*

  • Master Karma
    Master Karma 21 days ago

    Anyone here because Yuri On Ice!!! ^w^

  • Yeehaw, mortals
    Yeehaw, mortals 23 days ago

    I jumped off my bed, rotated once, and fell on my bum.
    I feel so accomplished