Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal In A Coffee Maker?

  • Published on:  11/24/2018
  • Alexis is challenged to make a delicious 3-course meal using only one tricky appliance. Follow Alexis on Instagram @alexisdeboschnekCheck us out on Facebook! -


  • Ann Janelle The Noob *bruh idc*

    who watched the iron before this??
    just me??

  • C_ Riggio
    C_ Riggio 4 months ago+7456

    Next up: cooking with an over heated laptop
    (Not my idea lol)

  • OwO Is here
    OwO Is here 2 months ago+2326

    COOKS WITH A COFFE MAKER “Wow this is really good!
    COOKS WITH A MICROWAVE “Wow this going worse than I thought it would!”

  • emma Burgins
    emma Burgins 4 months ago+1102

    Alex: dont try this at home.
    Also Alex: gives step bye step instructions

  • Venoxide Gaming
    Venoxide Gaming 5 months ago+1881

    Next up cook a beef wellington using only a toaster.

  • Angelique Evangelista
    Angelique Evangelista 4 months ago+2977

    cooks salmon
    Alexis:"Oh with the dill its like a sea creature"
    Me: Its a SALMON
    Edit:omg guys thanks for the likes!!

  • Samuel Yang
    Samuel Yang 5 months ago+1449

    I would love to see someone use an easy bake oven. It sounds simple since it's an 'oven' of sorts, but still...

  • SS - 07WJ - Cheyne MS (1494)

    Alexis: Putting beans in a coffee pot feels wrong
    Me: But putting fish and oil in a coffee pot didn't feel wrong?

  • 【Chae】
    【Chae】 2 months ago+215

    Alexis, Alix and Rie my top 3 cookers of Tasty, i love them

  • Edward Burns
    Edward Burns 5 months ago+905

    in the next episode, we will be cooking a thanksgiving turkey on a lightbulb!

  • Kodarpy
    Kodarpy 3 months ago+439

    “Course 1 is a shrimp salad”
    “I left you with a COFEE MAKER”

  • nuutritional•
    nuutritional• 5 months ago+850

    This woman legit reminds me of Mary Poppins..

  • RaGhad Azizi
    RaGhad Azizi 8 months ago+4076

    THERE, YouTube, I watched it. -_-

  • ViYanni
    ViYanni 1 months ago+61

    "If your in a hotel room and really want chocolate truffles, you could do this!"
    Me, in a hotel room: looks at the coffee maker evilly

  • HeyIt'sShaye
    HeyIt'sShaye 2 months ago+156

    "Don't try this at home. "
    Do you know what COLLEGE is!?

  • Kpop Trash
    Kpop Trash 23 hours ago+3

    “ThE diLL iTs LiKe a SeA cReAtuRE-“
    ...I mean, it’s SALMON.

  • Cheyenne McCray
    Cheyenne McCray 5 months ago+459

    Technically you always put beans in a coffee beans.

  • TeEra Richards
    TeEra Richards 9 months ago+2969

    Buzzfeed: are a poor hungry college student
    Viewers: yes
    Buzzfeed: do you have a coffee maker?
    Viewers: yes
    Buzzfeed: have we got a video for you

  • A
    A 2 months ago+70

    "Your first course is a shrimp salad'"
    "...I left you with a coffee maker"

  • Min-Jee Salimo
    Min-Jee Salimo 5 months ago+518

    EVERYONE from Tasty should audition for a season in MasterChef. Y'all would win easily.