I Was Possessed & My Boyfriend Freaked Out... CAUGHT ON CAMERA

  • Published on:  10/4/2018
  • I Was Possessed & My Boyfriend Watched it Happen... CAUGHT ON CAMERAi hope you enjoyed episode 1... merry christmas ϟ HIT SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN THE REVOLT https://goo.gl/ehqY5E ϟ☆ COP THE DANKEST MERCH www.kierabridget.com RESTOCK SOON ☆BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: kierabridget9@gmail.com ◎ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kieraabridget/ ◎ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Kierabridget◎ SNAPCHAT: kierabridget▶ BINGE WATCH ME: https://goo.gl/LG9wUM▶ WATCH MY VLOGS: https://goo.gl/AUKM3pWhats Gucci?! I'm Kiera & I'm a socially inept adolescent who has never been good at making friends so decided to get lots of followers instead! SUBSCRIBE and follow me on my family friendly *nope* journey to becoming a millionaire and to maybe laugh at my hopeless narcissism. DANK. ϟ HIT SUBSCRIBE IF U WANT (you do!) AND JOIN THE REVOLT https://goo.gl/ehqY5E ϟpsssttttt...if you see this comment 'description squad' and maybe I'll reply ;) *it's our secret*


  • Kiera Bridget 8 months ago

    i hope you enjoyed episode 1... what do you want next

  • Animo LP 4 days ago

    You so thuhing ob you Death bist

  • Daniel Hightower 1 months ago

    Kiera Bridget I’m watching the vid right now I love ❤️ scary movies 🎥 horror

  • Gemma Hallinan 8 months ago

    Whos better Like=Keira Reply=Morgz

  • Aarav Sagar an hour ago

    Jelly is much better

  • Mika Glenn 4 days ago

    Morgz and kiera

  • Princess x 4 months ago

    2019 anybody?????👇 like if your in 2019 watching this

  • skylar ruf 4 months ago

    Who else is reading the comments to make them less scared 😂

  • Lydia Clark 6 hours ago

    I'm totally2doing that

  • Animo LP 4 days ago


  • Katie Sanderson 3 months ago

    This was amazing do it again plssssss

  • Fnaf Zay 5 months ago

    Guys, do not watch this at night, my heart is dyingComment time created : 4:22

  • Jordan Starks 2 days ago

    I'm watching this at 4:32 AM

  • superRdavies 15 days ago

    Omg I’m watching this at night and I’m freaking out

  • Does Anyone Else Go Through The Comments While Watching?

  • unicorn narwhale 6 days ago

    Yeah I do

  • Aida Domboróczki 14 days ago

    Hell yeah.. Lol

  • Unicorn Grace 5 months ago

    OMG if I heard that music in my room I would freak so bad 😱😖Also amazing video Kiera can't wait to watch the next one although it is like 4 months after😂😄

  • Margaret Noonan 2 months ago

    Ik I would hide under the blanket and scream

  • lily yt.x 2 months ago

    Ikr me to 😂 its 2019 now and i cant wait 😂

  • Aida Domboróczki 14 days ago

    Was this actually a prank? Sry, i'm confused lol

  • Laleuca Banjo 5 months ago

    If you press this button then you can have some imaginary chocolate!!👇

  • Jorge Radilla 16 hours ago

    I dont like chocalate😒😂

  • Trinity Aguirre 17 days ago

    This "imaginary chocolate" is delicious!!!