Top 5 Comedy Acts | America's Got Talent / Britain's Got Talent 2016 HD

  • Published on:  8/21/2016
  • Some of the more talented comedic acts I found on Got Talent. Below are the names and times of each one.Darik Santos | 0:00 - 5:13Jon Clegg | 5:13 - 10:40Ricky K | 10:40 - 13:05Toju | 13:05 - 17:52Gatis Kandis | 17:52 - 21:03Thank you for watching. Please be sure to like the video if you enjoyed it. Let me know what type of acts you would like to see next.Copyright Notice: I do not own any of the material in this video. I am simply sharing it. All Credits go to America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent. I do NOT own any of the material.


  • Kam
    Kam  2 years ago+186

    Thank you very much to everyone that watched the video and left a like. It means a lot to me.

  • grace
    grace 2 years ago+389

    gatis kandis will forever be my favorite.

  • Rui Viegas
    Rui Viegas 2 years ago+252

    Gatis Kandis... awesome bloke! You can see how humble he is and that actually works for him on the stage! The last joke is really funny... "My name is Gatis Kandis, and in case you want to follow me this is how I look from behind." LOLOLOL

  • mlem
    mlem 2 years ago+177

    i am from Latvia it's were Gatis Kandis was living

  • Escanor Lion's sin of Pride:

    gatis ftw

  • Lance Baker
    Lance Baker 22 hours ago+1

    Second performer, John Clegg, TOTALLY 100% USELESS TO THE ENTIRE WORLD OUTSIDE OF U.K. Like many British "comedians", he did impersonations of obscure British TV actors who are unknown outside the U.K.

  • Sam Drake
    Sam Drake 2 years ago+142

    i hate the first guy becacause he has stolen gatis's style gatis kandis is the best

  • pizza man9000
    pizza man9000 2 years ago+66

    The first guy sounds like TFS broly
    "What's your power level?"

  • A shit pie
    A shit pie 2 years ago+105

    Love gatis all the way 😂😂

  • Its Ali64xX
    Its Ali64xX a years ago+115

    Gatis Kandis is the best!!

  • John O’Brian
    John O’Brian 2 years ago+61

    That Simon impression was so acurate

  • tung tran
    tung tran 2 years ago+56

    Gastis the best. Im laghing all the time

  • maybe_me
    maybe_me 2 years ago+59

    where's gatis kandis?

  • Aslan T Vorlon
    Aslan T Vorlon 8 months ago+25

    "The stage is yours".... Gatis "what all of it" I laugh every time on that one

  • AcademicAlgeria
    AcademicAlgeria 2 years ago+73

    When is the birthday of a chicken anyway... the day it comes out of the hen as an egg, or the day it comes out of the egg as a chick.

    DOUG MACH 2 years ago+67

    gatis is too funny

  • gabrielle davidson
    gabrielle davidson a years ago+56

    Gatis kandis was the best

    SAHIB KHAN a years ago+62

    Gatis squad

  • Sushanto das
    Sushanto das 2 years ago+46

    gatis-"all of it"😂😂😂😂👌👌👌

  • Albert warren
    Albert warren a years ago+40

    GATIS KANDIS! I love him! I love how he says his name! He's so funny!