chit chat get ready with us in Cabo ft. Maddie Ziegler

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • get ready with us in Cabo ft. Maddie Ziegler today Maddie and I got ready for dinner together. We filmed this on our trip in Cabo! It was so much fun :) there's a little bit of vlog footage in here too so stick around for that. :) love you guys!moisturizer: cream: butter:'s foundation: balm: cloud paint: lidstar:'s brow pencil: Boy Brow: bronzer: stick bronzer: highlighter: palette: Nars mascara:'s mascara: Baby Lips lipgloss:'s Channel: my worth necklace, pearl necklace, and MY NEW RING here!! xoxo---- https://www.summermckeen.comLOVE YOU GUYS!!DON'T FORGET TO LIKE THIS VIDEO! :)I don't own any of these songs. All copyright goes to the owner of the songs. ☞Social Media: ❁Instagram: summermckeen ❁Twitter: summermckeen ❁Snapchat: summermckeen ❁Facebook: Summer McKeen -------------------------------------------- ☞I have a P.O. box!! 28241 CROWN VALLEY PKWYSte F #437Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-------------------------------------------- ☞Business inquires: Thank you so so so much for all your support and love!♡♡ Make sure to subscribe if you aren't already to see new videos every week! Comment what videos you want to see next! FAQ: How old am I? 19 years old How tall am I? 5'6 What camera do I use? Canon 80D with a Rode microphone What editing software do I use? Final Cut Pro X


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    I CANOT BELIEVE I FORGOT TO PUT IN THE MCKBABE OF THE WEEK AAGGAAAAIIIN. I'm so sorry wow well just know that I DO see almost all of your comments and posts, so your guys' love does not go unrecognized. love you so much

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    I’ve watched this video an unhealthy amount of times

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    my fourth time HI

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    I have watched this 10 times I really want more videos with Maddie

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    I literally have watched his 250 times now

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    U probably never finished it

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    I have seriously watched this video like 15times, I love it!!!!!!!! ❤️🐬🐬

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    Gigi hadid and cara delevingne just hangin out

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    Lolly Pop leave

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    dang it lmao so true

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    4:49 summer: don’t judge us we’re not dancers*oh wait*

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    Ever since I’ve been watching summer my skin has cleared up... conspiracy theory 👀👀👀

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    *this is my favorite video ever i keep rewatching it.*

  • Maddie has the prettiest smile ever💓💓