2018 US Open Press Conference: Naomi Osaka

  • Published on:  9/8/2018
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  • Top5NoQuestions 10 months ago

    She swerved all the bait questions. Very smart girl.

  • nao_ 10 months ago

    Her attitude did the work ^_^ I feel like she didn't think twice for her answers

  • serge lefleur 10 months ago

    It’s their job. They need drama to sell papers.

  • Andrew A 10 months ago

    My new favorite athlete. Such a refreshing personality.

  • A S 7 months ago

    @Dylan James Chang Holy Christ, Dylan. Andrew A makes a simple remark and you are all over him. Chill out. Better yet, man up and apologize to him.

  • Ethan Fisher-Perez 10 months ago

    I don't think he claimed to be a very big sports fan. And I think enjoying anyone, even an athlete, because of their personality is a great thing.

  • M K 10 months ago

    *Yes she is a shy person, but for a 20 years old, Naomi Osaka shows a lot of maturity and grace! She just shines!! And good luck for her match in Tokyo!*

  • pennless8 5 months ago

    @Mari Ana Education ? it's not that it's her personality coming through. And by the way,she wasn't educated in Japan. They left there when she was 3. Being "UNIQUE" invites problems in that culture and leaving the Japanese school system could have been a GOOD thing.

  • Sage Hulk 7 months ago

    A S I’ll take a look at so thank you for recommending it also I agree in the west completion is seen differently then in the east and the general mid set is different which allows them to be better winners and loser and be more driven

  • P Chuck 10 months ago

    What a sweet and humble young lady! I hope she stays that way. She is a role model for young girls.

  • Robert Walt 8 months ago

    Doctor Darkness evidence?

  • Robert Walt 8 months ago

    P Chuck she's an actual person. I hate it when athletes put on a persona.

  • Jo Nanna 10 months ago

    Congratulations Mum and Dad, you have raised a beautiful and classy young woman. 👏

  • Joo Ki 10 months ago

    she's so sweet and so humble. I think she's won millions of new fans.

  • Rex Jr. Soriano 10 months ago

    norma creation Riding Serena’s dick I see

  • Lenard Neomoy 10 months ago

    @ Norma Creation If a no-confidence person beat your overconfident person what does it say. by the way shooting your mouth off does not mean confidence ( most people who shoot their mouth off do it to hide their insecurities), believing in your self and your own game is confidence, and she had plenty of that.

  • FAST Food Pit Stops 10 months ago

    The reporter room is like a pack of hungry wolves trying to trip her up on the Serena debacle and get her to say something seething and controversial. Rather than an abundance of congratulations, they would have honestly been more interested to interview Serena even after losing, rather than the rightful champion.

  • Adam Knox 7 months ago

    A S Agree 100%

  • A S 7 months ago

    @Gess Hugh I agree with you. A very sensible answer. I think the reporting press will enjoy interviewing Naomi in future interviews because she is so humble and approachable. I know I would. Too many "stars" almost seem to love being arrogant and egotistical, but such behavior in Japan is frowned upon because it is rude behavior. I know a few Japanese co-workers and they are all polite and genuinely nice people, too.

  • it's Cleo 10 months ago

    I was smiling during the whole video. Anyone else?

  • David Butler 10 months ago

    Francis Cleomere I was fingering my asshole then licking the shit off of it.

  • Nadira Rambe 10 months ago

    Me tooo!

  • Corinne Young 10 months ago

    Wow, she schooled us all ! What grace, congrats again Naomi and family for raising such a class act who yes, is fierce competition too. Wishing wonderful career and life !

  • Ivan Patrick 10 months ago

    I don't think I have ever seen a more humble and classy young lady in my life.