THE NUN (2018) Ending Explained + Conjuring Series Connections

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • On this Ending Explained, we're diving into the latest entry in The Conjuring franchise, THE NUN where the demon Valak gets her own spin-off. Learn all about the origins of Valak, explaining the films story and ending, as well as how it connects to the greater Conjuring series universe.Subscribe! ►► FoundFlix on Patreon! ►► Connect with us on Social Media! ===FACEBOOK ►► ►► ►► me things in the mail:FoundFlix6009 W Parker Rd Suite 149-174Plano TX 75093


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    The nuns who give information to Irene are visions of her own NOT caused by Valak. The black veiled nun IS an apparition created by Valak, as are the faceless nuns. The portal was reopened by an air raid during WW2, that's when the demon escaped and started killing the nuns.

  • Michael Kelsey 5 months ago

    The guy who made this video literally got everything wrong. I commented myself. Why make a video of the true connections and the facts just to slander the movie and state nothing of what happened correctly. Idiot

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