THE NUN (2018) Ending Explained + Conjuring Series Connections

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • On this Ending Explained, we're diving into the latest entry in The Conjuring franchise, THE NUN where the demon Valak gets her own spin-off. Learn all about the origins of Valak, explaining the films story and ending, as well as how it connects to the greater Conjuring series universe.Subscribe! ►► FoundFlix on Patreon! ►► Connect with us on Social Media! ===FACEBOOK ►► ►► ►► me things in the mail:FoundFlix6009 W Parker Rd Suite 149-174Plano TX 75093


  • 9 Year Old Fortnite Fan
    9 Year Old Fortnite Fan 11 months ago+2826

    My grandma went to go see this movie cuz she thought it was about church😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Fox Draws
    Fox Draws 7 months ago+1060

    Nun of y’all better make any nun jokes cause I don’t wanna beat nun of y’all today

  • Lorena Martinez
    Lorena Martinez 10 months ago+935

    if I see another nun joke...

  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell 9 months ago+877

    How many girlfriends do I have. Nun

  • subscribe to pewdiepie
    subscribe to pewdiepie 9 months ago+845

    I love the part when the guy rips the cross out of the ground and he carries it with him to the bar

  • Arvind Sidhu
    Arvind Sidhu 11 months ago+2305

    So much potential the villain had. Not fulfilled

  • Supertomiman
    Supertomiman 9 months ago+248

    The nuns who give information to Irene are visions of her own NOT caused by Valak. The black veiled nun IS an apparition created by Valak, as are the faceless nuns. The portal was reopened by an air raid during WW2, that's when the demon escaped and started killing the nuns.

  • matt2d2007
    matt2d2007 8 months ago+256

    So annabelle and the nun are BFFs?

  • E m e x x • C h e n
    E m e x x • C h e n 6 months ago+465

    Why is there a lot nun jokes? Nun of them are funny >:v

  • Vanessa Spencer
    Vanessa Spencer 10 months ago+229

    Burying him alive isn't causing any real harm? Alrighty.

  • Alex Vargas
    Alex Vargas 9 months ago+230

    How many nuns where alive at the Abbey?

  • XxDainBramagedxX
    XxDainBramagedxX 7 months ago+35

    I mean, I got pretty attached to Frenchy tbh.
    Frenchy: Holy shit
    Priest: The holiest.

  • Emperor Blizzard
    Emperor Blizzard 10 months ago+194

    The bit where the Nun rises from the water reminded me of the bit in the new IT with pennywise in the basement

  • Clock Lord
    Clock Lord 10 months ago+24

    Frenchy’s last words before
    getting possessed~
    “I am French Canadian”
    R.I.P Frenchy

  • Annuj
    Annuj 8 months ago+62

    It was not Valak creating the illusions or manifestations of the deceased nuns but it was Sister Irene visions that allowed her to speak to them and discern where the gate within the Abbey is located the history of the Abbey itself as well as information about how to defeat Valak (blood of christ, etc.).
    As for Sister Victoria, she took her own life and therefore could not be possessed however all the other nuns in the church (not only the other nun that got dragged away in the opening scene) were all supposedly killed by Valak. Or is that a conclusion we come just come to as Valak not killing anyone seems pretty lame to say the least. We never really see any other bodies of the nuns other than sister Oana (under the white sheet) and sister Victoria who is now a white walker. It's seen in the ending that they bury all the bodies of the other Sisters, which leads me to believe that the bodies were in fact still there. Unless it was just in memorial. Lets just say it's the former. So if the Demon did not possess them it would lead us to believe that they killed themselves. The bleeding from the eyes in indicative of a hung body as you can see from the blood coming of out the eyes of sister Oana who was under the white sheet. She also had stigmata and I'm lost there. Was it self inflicted, did the other nuns crucify her for being a loud mouth lol in a vision that happened in the future? LOL, I haven't the slightest clue at the moment.
    I also believe that the reason why Valak can't just instantly possess you is that it needs to become stronger. And it's a well known horror trope that in order for a demon to possess you it also feeds on the fear of the individual being tormented. Or whichever comes first. Or both maybe? Who knows, its always changing from movie to movie, demon to demon.
    There are definitely lose ends to this movie but I think it did a great job with its atmosphere and sound. Especially the deep choir for the Valak scenes. Its demise is the fact that it shows us the face of the demon too clearly one too many times and it becomes less and less scary and ultimately we lose the fear of the unknown.
    *Also on a side note in Annabelle Creation sister Charlotte was part of the convent at the Abbey but she acted like she didn't know of any demonic presence there. Even through it's said that the nuns would be in prayer 24/7 in order to keep the demon at bay. Did she not ever see the Demon herself and so she couldn't identify the faded face in the photo? Who knows. She acts pretty normal coming out of a place as "unholy" as the Abbey.

  • Neve Holmes
    Neve Holmes 2 days ago+1

    I thought the other nuns were ghosts that Sister Irene can see, not apparitions made my Valak

  • Ell Zero
    Ell Zero 10 months ago+69

    I actually liked the movie😂

  • MR Wright
    MR Wright 9 months ago+35

    The conjuring universe meets the insidious universe.

  • Sriram Stark
    Sriram Stark 11 months ago+1572

    That nun dance was scarier than valak in the nun!

  • Blackis Butler
    Blackis Butler 10 months ago+84

    Okay. I normally love this videos but:
    As I see it, the Nuns were not sent by Valak but instead the trapped ghosts of the Nuns that lived there. In the beginning, it was stated that the place was not holy anymore and, in the end, it was asked if it was of any use to bury someone in the unholy ground, to which Irene answeres with: "It is now!"
    My guess is that the Nuns were all buried there and not able to leave because Valak's presence inside their home meant that they did not fullfill their duty, leading to them turning into ghosts. When Irene enteres they realize that she could help them cross over to the other side. It only helps them to 'defeat' the evil inside their holy home when they tell her all they knew about the demon.
    Because consider this: If Valak really was weakend by the prayers of the Nuns, then why would he tell Irene to come into the chapell to pray with the other sisters?
    That's right, it doesn't make sense.
    Also, There is no light coming out of Mary's statues finger. It's coming from a source outside the window (which was visible mutliple times) and a dropled of water in the damp underground reflected the light to the right direction. (I know, what a coincidence.)
    Anyway most people won't read that. Yes, the movie had a lot of flaws and I honestly couldn't care less for the protagonists but it wasn't just jumpscares and not explainable magic things as well as Valak telling how to defeat himself just for shits 'n giggles. Honestly I could write all day about this but I'll leave it at that.