Happy Birthday, Mama!



  • Debbie A
    Debbie A 2 years ago+4265

    I Love the way she says MAMA

  • LauraLemurex ASMR
    LauraLemurex ASMR a years ago+1177

    You can tell Ellen is holding back a lot of tears when celebrating her mother. That's a beautiful relationship. After the passing of her father, I hope when this so sadly happens in the future, that she will be able to be strong but also give herself her choice of grieving. Her parents raised a wonderful person

  • EngPMgt
    EngPMgt 2 years ago+2116

    No wonder ellen is beautiful, coz her mother is gorgeous & most importantly she is healthy & looks cool 💪🏻

    ROYZN 2 years ago+1272

    Her mama is so lucky have a child like her

  • Deepa Isaac
    Deepa Isaac 2 years ago+509

    If u ever feel ignored remember that Ellen has a brother

  • Emma Lou
    Emma Lou 2 years ago+377

    It is my moms birthday today and she is sick. She is 41 so 41 like for her birthday please. Thanks I would appreciate it very much if you like this comment

  • Ellen Fan Channel
    Ellen Fan Channel 2 years ago+1521

    Ellen mom looks like she is 60 and she is pretty as well

  • Ivana Gallegos
    Ivana Gallegos 2 years ago+763

    Thank you for bringing the best person to the world 💜

  • Aria Zain
    Aria Zain 2 years ago+516

    now I know where Ellen got her sense of humor

  • oscar
    oscar 4 years ago+4362

    Old people are so cute

  • Jalpaca
    Jalpaca 2 years ago+475

    If you're reading this, I hope you're having a beautifully wonderful day xx

  • Clayton Ariana grande
    Clayton Ariana grande 2 months ago+112

    Who’s here after Ellen’s sad story 💔

  • Monica Gill
    Monica Gill 2 years ago+95

    If I had Two wishes it would be a cure for cancer and To meet Ellen...

  • Jalyn Ayala
    Jalyn Ayala 2 years ago+197

    I hope I don't meet the people who disliked this video!

  • Taylor Jamoh
    Taylor Jamoh a years ago+45

    May your mother live long Ellen..love from India...
    You are such a nice person...

  • Bubbleug :p
    Bubbleug :p 2 years ago+65

    her mom looks the same after all these years, what a gorgeous, healthy kind hearted person she is😍😍

  • bebe Wai
    bebe Wai 2 months ago+34

    Am I the only noticing that Ellen is looking gorgeous day by day

  • Rania Meddeb
    Rania Meddeb 2 months ago+18

    I respect her even more for forgiving her mother

  • tazz 505
    tazz 505 2 years ago+37

    when mama grabbed portia's hand and when portia waved to the audience.. 2 fantastically cute moments in 30 seconds!

  • malgara Mangacha
    malgara Mangacha 2 years ago+63

    aaw how cute, Ellen's mother it's so lovely.