Massive Yogurt Parfait (6,455 cals)

  • Published on:  7/21/2016
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  • Just another goat
    Just another goat a years ago+2405

    Hey, at least this is.......healthy??

  • Sick Game Broz
    Sick Game Broz a years ago+1682

    I can finish that about in 3 weeks

  • AppleTubed •
    AppleTubed • 11 months ago+804

    is there times when you peacefully eat?

  • Isabella C
    Isabella C 5 months ago+531

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    The eating starts at 4:42

  • TheWolf-_-Team Bo2
    TheWolf-_-Team Bo2 4 months ago+386

    Dentist: You should eat more healthy...
    Matt Stonie: Yes.

  • Bunnie Berliner
    Bunnie Berliner a years ago+480

    I'm wondering how he managed to eat all that yogurt without gagging o.o

  • *I see you there*
    *I see you there* 11 months ago+314

    *1 like = prayer for his loyal stomach...and ofc toilet*

  • max musk
    max musk a years ago+182

    I like how people complain when Morgan is gone but when he is in the vid Yall make fun of his laugh

    _CRAFTS DIY 7 months ago+139

    You should fill that cup with orange juice and chug it lol

  • Sam Acer
    Sam Acer 3 years ago+1373

    Not impressed at all!!!
    you didn't eat the glass jar !
    complete fail

  • PERISHED GalaxY!
    PERISHED GalaxY! yesterday+1

    Now I know why shinchan likes parfait...

  • TArrow
    TArrow 11 months ago+76

    Sees size of jar.
    Compares it to an average stomach size.
    Skips to end of vid.
    Sees jar empty.

  • Bts V has my Heartu
    Bts V has my Heartu 4 months ago+29

    He speaks sweetly to the audience, i dont understand why he gets hate?

  • Nigator Master
    Nigator Master 2 days ago

    Fake, he didn't eat all of that coz heis stomach would go boom in 2 min

  • Angry Chick
    Angry Chick a years ago+26

    Something healthy for once😂

  • Holly
    Holly 6 months ago+25

    I cant remember the last time i ever had a kiwi! (Btw anyone watching in 2019? c:)

  • sweet parves Photography

    Yaar bhai mujhe aaj tak pta nhai chala intna khata fir itna patla hai R😇tu🤣😂😂😂😂

  • So Good
    So Good 2 months ago+20

    Is that hookah pot on left corner with pipe next to flowers 😝😂

  • Fuck Negativity
    Fuck Negativity a years ago+1116

    Could you imagine him ordering a normal meal... oh ill just get 3 steakes and 8 salads

  • Ese Ayemenre
    Ese Ayemenre 3 months ago+28

    Mom: come watch something educational
    Me: I'm busy
    Mom: doing what
    Me: watching a guy eating healthy yoghurt.